Does Scrunching Your Hair Cause Damage?

Scrunching hair is one of the easiest ways to add curls and waves to your hair, without any heated tools (or tools at all). 

All you need is your HANDS!

The question is if your not using any heat on your hair and simply using your hands and products, does scrunching your hair cause any damage?

Scrunching your hair doesn’t cause any damage to your hair especially if you are using the most common method of using your hair with setting products. If you are using a hairdryer on top of your products this could cause some damage, as any heat would cause on hair follicles. 

Let’s take a look at how to scrunch your hair and which different methods you can use, to avoid causing any damage to your hair.

What Is Hair Scrunching? 

Scrunching your hair is when you wash your hair, add curling products and setting products to your hair and simply use your hand to ‘scrunch’ the ends of your hair. By doing this you will help to form waves and curls. 

Even if you have dead straight hair scrunching will help to form volume and body, if you cant achieve full curls you can still help form waves. 

Does Scrunching Damage Hair?

It all depends on your choice of scrunching method and the products you choose to add will determine whether you cause any damage to your hair. 

If you choose to wash your hair and scrunch with your hands, including a curling serum to encourage the wave then you will not be risking causing any damage. 

If you start to use stronger types of hair products such as gels or hairsprays, then if you use it continuously in the end this would cause problems due to prolonged use of products weakening your hair follicles, although this is would take a long time to cause damage. 

The third method of scrunching your hair involves using your hairdryer whilst scrunching your hair with the palm of your hand to help it dry/set in the curls. Using a hairdryer is always going to cause damage as it heats on your hair follicles, causing weakness and breaks. 

3 Ways to Scrunch Your Hair (With No Damage)

There are multiple ways to scrunch your hair, but which one will you choose to try on your hair to achieve your waves and curls. 

  1. Using Clips

Sectioning your hair scrunching and clipping into sections is an easy quick way to curl your hair. This method is also long-lasting for your hair to stay wavy. 

Wash Your Hair 

Washing your hair removes any products to prevent your curls from forming. It also makes it easier to style hair once it is wet. Take away most of the moisture from your hair with a cotton t-shirt to make it damp instead of dripping with water. 

If your hair is too wet them the curls will find it hard to form, as your hair is too heavy and wet. 

Divide Your Hair

Divide your hair into sections, depending on how curly you want your hair. If you do lots of sections then you will end up with smaller more defined curls. If you create larger sections then this will create more of a wave rather than a full curl. 

Scrunch and Clip 

Now you have your sections ready, you will need to add to each section the curling serum you have chosen to add to help form the curl. 

Then use your hand to scrunch the hair, then curl it up into a bun onto your hair following the curl pattern into one big curl and clip it. This will hold the curl in place long enough for it to dry, this will help the curl stay for longer. 

Repeat this process throughout each and every section you have made. I would then suest leaving this to dry for at least 2-3 hours, overnight if you have time and have been prepared. Then simply remove the clips when you are ready to remove them and Voila you have curls!

  1. Using a Towel 

The next towel method is easy to use and also has a lot quicker results than the method above but won’t last as long as the clip method. You need no skills to create this hairstyle, even beginners can easily create curls. 

Wash Your Hair 

Washing your hair before scrunching is essential in all methods as scrunching will not work on dry hair. It’s not possible. 

Be sure to use a good shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair to make sure your hair is product free, helping future curls to stay in. 

Once you have washed it comb and brush through it to get rid of any knots and then dry it enough to make sure it’s not dripping wet and ready to scrunch. 

Add-In Your Product 

Choose a product to add to your hair to help encourage your curls. There are curling serums and sprays which will be perfect to help add volume and waves. You may also want to use gel or hairspray to help the waves stay in for the day. 

Use A Microfibre Towel

Now use your towel in your hand to scrunch your hair into curls. Using a microfiber towel is the best material for this method as it doesnt soak in the water and doesnt cause any static on your hair. 

Try to scrunch small sections of hair at a time for better results. Remember your end results does depend on your hair type. If you have dead straight hair then this could be harder to achieve compared to someone who may naturally have a wave to their hair. 

  1. Other Scrunching Methods

It’s also possible to speed up to process by using a hairdryer when trying to help your scrunching hair set. This process uses the same method as the above methods but simply add a mousse and turn on your hairdryer to scrunch and dry a little faster. 

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Hopefully, we have cleared up any confusion you may have had as to whether hair scrunching is actually causing any damage to your hair. The answer is not really, even if you are using hair products and a hairdryer it would take a long amount of time to cause real damage to your hair. 

Have we answered all your questions on scrunching your hair without causing any damage? If we have missed anything out we love to hear from our readers. Please feel free to contact us through email. 

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