Does Waxing Make Your Hair Grow Back Thicker? (Is it True?)

Hair removal can be a minefield, so when you choose to wax as your choice hair removal method, you want it to help keep your hair away. 

There’s a rumour that hair is more likely to grow back thicker and darker after waxing. 

This makes it HARDER to remove. 

We are all wondering whether this is a myth in the world of hair removal, or is it a fact that your hair will return thicker and darker. 

As much as we want to believe what we have been told (through Chinese whispers), there is no proof that waxing will make your hair grow back any darker or thicker – it’s just an MTYH. 

Let’s look a bit further into why we may think this myth is true and where it started becoming a worry of ours. We have also looked at the evidence proving this is not true. 

Leg Hair.Removal wax.

Why Do We Believe That Our Hair Grows Back Thicker After Hair Removal?

Firstly we can all remember our mothers arguing for their daughters to wait as long as possible before starting to remove their hairs as the earlier you start, the quicker they would grow back thicker, longer and darker. 

No wonder we believed such a myth at the time. 

Yet, nothing could be further from the truth: hair removal has absolutely no influence on hair growing back coarser. Unfortunately, no matter how often this myth is cleared up with the facts, the tale is still widely spread.

The excellent news for waxing specialists is that science has now provided us with great studies that prove, with evidence, that we are right— thicker hair has nothing to do with hair removal.

Does Hair Removal Make Your Hair Grow Back Coarser?

When looking into all methods of hair removal it’s clear that your hair will not grow back coarser. This is a common misconception, especially when it comes to shaving. The truth is, no method of hair removal will ever make your hair grow back thicker.

Although it can seem like the hair is thicker or darker when you shave it away as technically you’re removing the thinner end parts of the hair and you’re leaving the thickest part of the shaft at the roots. 

Therefore this is why you may automatically blame your hair removal method for your hair growing back thicker when in reality its nothing to do with the removal process (we promise). 

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hairs growing back thicker after waxing

What Method Of Hair Removal Will Help Hair Be Less Visible Growth

There are multiple methods of hair removal but which method is best to help hair grow back less visible.

Let’s begin with one of the most popular hairs removal methods, WAXING. 

Waxing is a great method to choose for less visibility as it removes the hairs from the roots so this helps the hair growth be less noticeable and slower. 

Although waxing can be a little more painful than some other methods such as shaving, it can also be a little more costly and time-consuming. 

I would recommend these Veet strips for waxing as they are easy to use and great value for money as they come in a double pack (BONUS).

Veet Leg & Body Hair Removal Kit

Besides waxing, laser hair removal is one of the most effective methods for removing unwanted hair, helping your hair grow back less visible. Which is what we all want when using hair removal methods.

The only problem we have come across in our research is the high price it costs per session when choosing to use laser hair removal as your chosen method. 

As it is around $300 per session this is likely out of many ladies’ price range, or just beyond what we’re willing to spend.

Looking At The Facts 

Let’s look at the overall facts of whether waxing really does make your hair grow back thicker. The answer is absolutely not if anything, waxing will help hair grow back thinner and weaker over time. 

There are some factors that change the thickness and color of your hair, which can be the reason for the myth of hair growing back thicker appearing in the first place.

  • Hair that appears before puberty is usually thinner
  • If your hairs have tapered ends this will automatically cause your hairs to seem thicker 
  • Color of our natural hair changes as we get older, so this can change the look of the thickness of hair 

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After looking at the myths of whether your hair would grow back thicker when choosing to wax your hair on your body over any other type of method, we have come to the conclusion it really is just a myth. 

Waxing if anything will help to make your hair thinner and less visible when it starts to grow back. 

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to keep using waxing as your chosen method of hair removal, as it’s an easy method you can use from home for a great value. 

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