Does Wetting Your Hair Every Day Cause Any Damage? (Even With No Products)

Can I wet my hair every day? Is the ultimate question. 

We all know washing our hair every day is not a good idea as it can strip the goodness and moisture from your hair. 

But is it safe to wet your hair all the days in between? 

Absolutely, there is no evidence wetting your hair daily would cause any damage to your hair. If you are just using warm water, with no added products there is nothing to suggest it weakening or causing any problems for your hair follicles. 

Read our guide on all the information you need to know about wetting your hair every day as an alternative to washing your hair so often. 

Can You Wet Your Hair Everyday?

You may like to run your hair under the shower with your daily wash or maybe your simply giving a spray with a water bottle to help style it that morning, either way, you are most definitely ok to wet your hair every day without causing any damage. 

It does depend on if you are using any products after spraying your hair, as we know chemicals within some products can cause some damage to your hair. Water is always a good solution or alternative to styling products. 

You may also want to freshen up your hair mid-week but dont want to continuously use shampoo and conditioner as this shouldn’t be used more than a few times a week otherwise you really will strip your hair from all its goodness. 

Difference Between Wetting & Washing Your Hair 

Let’s make sure we understand the difference between just wetting your hair and actually washing your hair as these are two different things. 

If you are standing underneath the shower and wetting your hair whilst having your daily wash then this would be seen as wetting your hair not washing it. You may also suffer from dryer type hair types (typically curly hair) then you may be spraying your hair to simply add moisture to help style and maintain your hair type. 

Whereas washing your hair we understand would mean you would need to use shampoo and conditioner to scrub and clean any grease or dirt from your hair. TO KEEP IT CLEAN.

Wetting Your Hair – Looking At Hair Types 

If you are someone who wets their hair daily for many reasons, you should consider using hair foods such as organic oils and conditioners along with your normal water routine. The foods will help balance out your hair with the right nutrients needed to prevent hair damage and hair loss. 

A conditioner is a great extra for helping to add moisture to your hair by adding ingredients such as oils and detergents. When using a good quality conditioner will help replenish the moisture in your hair and prevent your hair from becoming tangled. 

What’s most important is being sure you know what hair type you have so you can follow our suggestions on how to maintain your hair. 

Types Of Hair:

  1. Straight Hair
  2. Wavy Hair
  3. Curly Hair
  4. Coily Hair

Wetting Straight Hair Daily 

Fine, straight hair seems to suck up grease and oils much easier and will also break a lot easier than other hair types.

It is one of the most vital types of hair that will need efficient food for your hair as it requires growth and development to encourage strength in your hair. 

You should also consider oils like olive oil, coconut oil or any other hair product that has a rich blend of ingredients.

straight hair type

Wetting Wavy Hair Daily

Wavy hair is better described as frizzy hair. Naturally, wavy hair is normally a lot thicker than straighter hair.

Frizzy hair usually feels a lot more dull and dry, whether your hair is fine, thick or coarse it can be wavy with any of these types. 

The suggestion for wavy hair is to include a leave-in conditioner into your hair routine as this will help add moisture into your hair and keep it from getting too dry throughout the day. The dryer your hair becomes the more likely your hair is to break off and have dead ends. 

beachy waves pixie cut

After using your preferred products for your wet hair to add the necessary moisture, you can then go on to scrunch your hair. Scrunching your hair is an easy heatless method to add volume and wave back into your hair. 

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Wetting Curly Hair Daily

Curly hair is harder to maintain so it’s important you follow a hair care routine that suits your hair. It’s essential you dont wash your hair every day as doing this can ruin your curl forms.

It would be better to wet your hair daily and learn to style it as this will cause less damage to your hair follicles. 

Styling your hair should start in the shower with a wide-tooth comb as this is the best way to avoid any damage. If you find this difficult then simply use a spray bottle with coconut oil or carrot oil in as this will help add the needed moisture. 

curly hair type

Wetting Afro/ Coily Hair Daily 

Afro hair or coily hair is usually a very curly hair type. It’s the most difficult hair type to deal with and maintain. It’s thick and coarse in texture, unlike fine straight hair. Its strands from zigzag patterns to springy tight curls from the scalp. 

Coily hair is hard to style and very sensitive to chemicals and heat. Keeping to a routine with maintaining your hair is running your hair through the shower daily to help keep the shape and form of its curls daily.  

You can also use hair mousse to maintain the forms of your curls and keep the right amount of moisture. 

afro coily hair

How Often Should You Be Washing Hair 

How often you choose to wash your hair depends on your individual hair type. It’s essential you understand your hair types needs, and how often it will need to be washed. 

As a general rule it is not recommended to wash your hair daily as you will wash away the natural oils your hair produces, these oils are there to prevent your hair to become dry. 

I would suggest washing your hair once or twice a week to keep your hair clean, dirt free but without destroying your hairs natural oils. But be sure to check out your hair type on how often you should be washing it, for example, if you have severely greasy hair then you may need to wash it more than twice a week.

Why is Hair Often Tangled After Washing 

It’s simple when you are trying to detangle hair that matters. Hair particularly gets easily tangled when hair is dry or overworked. So to avoid tangling it’s an easy solution to brush your hair when it’s freshly washed out of the shower or bath whilst it’s still wet. 

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So hopefully you now have the knowledge to understand that wetting your hair daily is no problem at all, and will cause no damage whats so ever to your hair. 

It’s essential you only use water, if you are wetting it daily and stick to only washing your hair once or twice a week depending on your hair type. 

Have we answered all your questions? If you have a question please feel free to email in as we love to hear from our readers. 

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