How Much Hair Wax Should You Use (For Men)

When you are creating your hairstyle in the mornings, it’s simple right. Dip in your fingers and grab a clump of wax to style your hair. 

But how much is too much? 

There are many factors that decide how much wax you will need to use to style your hair. Including the length of your hair (yes men have long hair too), your hairstyle, and the wax you have chosen for your hair. 

So read our guide to check how much you should be using your hair in the mornings. 

How Much Hair Wax Should You Use?

Many men make the same mistake of applying too much hair wax. Applying too much product can weigh down your hair or make it appear unnatural and greasy.

How Much Hair Wax You Use Will Depend On Four Factors:

  • The length of your hair
  • Your intended hairstyle
  • The type of products you’ve chosen
  • If you have pre-styled or not

To effectively cover every base, take a look at the tips below in order. 

The Length of Your Hair

The length of your hair is a huge factor depending on how much product a man will need to use in your hair. 

You may think this sounds obvious but many men seem to make the mistake of using too much wax which in turn just makes the hair appear greasy and wet which is not the look you are searching for.

If you have longer styled hair then you may need to start with a fingertip amount and continue to add this amount until you have covered the whole of your hair. It’s better to keep adding gradually to make sure you dont add too much wax. 

Whereas if you have short hair then you are more than likely only need a fingertip amount of wax to create your desired style. 

The Intended Hairstyle

So it all depends on what hairstyle you are intended to create, this will determine the amount of hair wax you will need to use. 

Generally, the more product you use the more your hair will hold, but you need to be careful when using wax in particular as it can weigh your hair down when you use too much. 

If you are styling your hair a flat style then you will need a very small amount due to not needing to create any volume or lifting. Yet if you are attempting a more extreme hairstyle like a Mohican then you will obviously need more product to achieve this look. 

The Product Type

There are many different wax products available to use on men’s hair so depending on which you choose for your hair will affect how your hair ends up looking. 

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What Should You Consider When Buying Hair Wax?

The Hold Of The Product – 

You should consider the hold of your product, as the stickiness of the product can help you work out how much you need to use. If the wax you purchase is very sticky then you may only need half a fingertip of wax to cover your hair. 

Whereas if you purchase a product that is far from sticky which happens, especially the more natural wax types then you may need to use more a fingertip full of wax, to make sure you can create your desired style.  

Use a Pre-styler – 

There is such a product called a pre-styler, this will help to add volume to your hair which can be used throughout your hair before you would add wax to your hair. After applying your pre-styler be sure to use your blow dryer before adding your hair wax. 

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Hopefully, our guide has helped you understand there are many factors that contribute to how much wax you would choose to use in your hair to style it. 

Depending on the length of your hair, the brand of wax you decide to purchase and how sticky your wax is will determine if you simply use half a fingertip full or 2 or 3 fingertips full to style your hair. 

What did you think about our guide on how much hair wax you should use for men? Are there any questions you have unanswered, please feel free to contact us as we love to hear from our readers? 

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