Can You Kill Bed Bugs With A Hair Dryer? (Is It Safe?)

Bed bugs can be a HUGE problem for such a small creature. 

Bed bug infestation unfortunately really is a bigger problem than most are aware of, It is an issue all over the work but one of the bigger rates of infestations is actually North America. 

I think most of us would try anything and everything to get rid of these pesky bloodsuckers. 

It’s common knowledge that high heat can kill most bacteria and germs effectively, which leads us to a very well thought out question ‘Can you kill bed bugs with a blowdryer?’

With a long period of blowing very hot air from your blowdryer directly to your affected area of bed bugs in the end it would kill them off. But is it an effective method? Will it really get rid of all of them and even eggs? 

Read our guide to find out why blowdrying your bed bugs infestation may not be the best choice of method. Should we continue to use a hairdryer as a method to kill bed bugs or should we be searching for a different type of heat-emitting object?


Can a Blow Dryer Kill Bed Bugs?

Although we understand in theory your hairdryer really can kill your bed bugs but our biggest worry is how effective this tool which actually be at getting rid of bed bugs for good.

So the first problem is, although bed bugs will die to heat over 113F actually only if this heat is maintained for at least 90 minutes which means in hindsight you will have to have you blow dryer on one small area for long periods of time, its not really ideal, but again not impossible. 

Moreover, to kill the eggs of bed bugs you will need to achieve a significantly higher temperature from your hairdryer. This is because the shells the eggs are in are almost like heat-resistant protection, so this will require a temperature over 125F to help eliminate them all. 

Again this will need a constant temperature of 90 minutes to help kill the eggs fully, which again is not ideal especially with such a high heat on materials such as bedding. 

Therefore if you have no other options then yes your hairdryer will have the temperature needed to kill both the bed bugs and eggs. 

But I would strongly recommend finding a more suitable method to remove the infestation from your bed as this is not a safe option. Let’s take a look next at the reasons you should not use a hairdryer on your bedsheets to try and kill the bugs. 

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use A Blow Dryer to Kill Bed Bugs

Hairdryers Temperature Settings

Our first obvious reason is finding a blowdryer that has a higher enough wattage motor to meet the temperature requirements to be able to kill off the bed bugs and their eggs. 

Unfortunately, we are relying on our hairdryer to stay at that high temperature for a full 90 minutes for it to be successful. It’s not like our hairdryer displays what temperature our dryers are and therefore it’s just a guess that our blow dryer is actually hot enough

The Airflow Coverage Area Is Too Small

This is one of the main problems we have come across is how long in reality it would take you to set the hairdryer on a little area of your bed for 90 minutes at a time and then slightly move it along. This really could be hours of airflow to be able to cover the whole of your bed. 

The nozzle on your blow dryer is fairly small which then makes drying an entire bed a pretty much impossible task. 

Not to mention the airflow coming from your dryer could blow the remaining bed bugs and the eggs away spreading them over to the other parts of your bed which weren’t previously affected. 

Your Bed Can Catch Fire Easily

When your hairdryer has been on for a long amount of time the tip of the nozzle will be very hot to touch, therefore if your sheets were to actually touch inside the nizzle then this could be an unsafe situation, leading to the chance of a fire. 

Running high temperatures for long amounts of time can also in turn break your hairdryer due to running high heat and it becoming overheating. For your own safety, this should be avoided as a method to actually kill bed bugs. 

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So hopefully from our guide, you have learnt that yes you can physically use your hairdryer to kill bed bugs but it really isn’t the ideal method to use. It’s not safe to use such high heat on your bedsheets and for such a long period of time, you would be risking setting your bed on fire

To kill bed bugs correctly and safely, it’s suggested you should hire professional pest control experts to clean up infested areas. They have a special spray that helps to exterminate the infestation, and they would ask you to replace your bedsheets (a few times). 

What did you think of our guide talking about can you kill bed bugs with a hairdryer? Are there any questions we haven’t answered please feel free to message us as we love to hear from our readers. 

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