Top 10 Ways To Make Waxing Less Painful (Tricks & Tips)

Ever heard of the saying ‘Beauty Is Pain’, it’s TRUE. 

You know the first thing you think of when someone mentions WAXING, is how much it hurts (or I could just be being a baby). 

Although we all want to be hair free for those summer bodies, sometimes you can be put off by the pain caused by waxing. But don’t give it up just yet as we may just have some tips and tricks to help you make waxing less painful. 

There are plenty of ways to make waxing less painful. You can try to reduce acidity, use a scrub, numb the area and be sure to see a professional. These are just a handful of options to make your experience less painful 

Be sure to read our guide on the top 12 tips on how to reduce the pain when waxing. Whether you are a professional in a salon and just want to make your clients more comfortable or if it’s just for your home use, these tips and tricks are not to be missed. 

10 Ways to Make Waxing Less Painful 

1. Reduce Acidity 

Many every day habits can cause acid in our body’s system which then leads to our skin is far more sensitive than usual. The most common things that cause excess acid are smoking, caffeine and high alcohol consumption

Therefore we would recommend cutting down on these things on a whole (as that would be the healthy option) or just simply trying to switch out caffeine for decaf or cutting down your alcohol consumption. This will reduce your skin’s sensitivity ready for your waxing session. 

2. Seek Professional Help/Advice 

This can be a tough start if you don’t already have your regular esthetician that does all your beauty procedures as you don’t know who to trust. Try going with someone who has been recommended to you from personal experience rather than just from knowing that they are a qualified beautician. 

The most important factor is that they use the correct methods to make sure it doesn’t hurt as much. To reduce the pain they will need to use the correct wax suited for your hair type, apply the right amount of wax to remove the amount of hair being removed.

Being sure to hold your skin taut whilst waxing and being sure to pull the strip in the right direction. These are all factors that will help reduce the pain. 

3. Dull The Nerves 

Take something before to ease the pain. Take ibuprofen or an aspirin half an hour before your wax. This will definitely help reduce any sore and swollen areas you have had waxed. You can also try some numbing cream, which you just need to apply to the area you are having waxed. 

4. Use Body Scrub

Giving the body a little extra help to exfoliate will help to get rid of dead cells around the pores and hair follicles making it easier to wax, helping to prevent it from being more painful pulling away dead skin at the same time. 

5. Don’t Apply Astringent or Toner

Applying Toner or Astringent will tighten pores making the hair follicles have a firmer hold, so make sure you don’t apply it right before waxing. 

6. Don’t Use Ice For Numbing

I know what you are thinking, why can’t you use ice to numb the area beforehand? Well, exactly it does the complete opposite as anything cold on your skin tightens the pores which means it’s harder to remove the hair. 

7. Don’t Be Naive – Waxing At Home Is Not Easier

Sometimes we want to be strong independent women and do everything by ourselves. By just making sure you give yourself a break, waxing at home can be stressful and more painful if you’re not experienced. GO PROFESSIONAL. 

8. Relax – It Helps 

Everything is always better when you are relaxed. When you are stressed and tense your whole body tenses up which will not help with the pain factor. MIND OVER MATTER. 

9. Only Wax In The Right Areas

There are obvious areas on your body that should be avoided such as nipples, male genitals, inside of ears and nose, eyelashes. It’s also essential to not wax over any type of irritated skin, mobile, warts, cuts or spots. This is not only dangerous but will also be painful at the same time. 

10. Make Sure Your Hair is the Right Length

Waxing hair that is too short will not pull the hair fully out of the follicle meaning the process would need to be repeated. So be sure to grow your hair to at least a ¼ of an inch before considering waxing. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where Does Waxing Hurt The Most?

Waxing hurts the most in the most sensitive areas such as the pubic area, bikini lines and genitals as this hair seems to be thicker hair than other parts of the body which makes it more painful to remove the hair. 

Does Longer Hair Hurt More To Wax?

Hair needs to be at least ¼ of an inch long to ensure there is enough hair to get a grip of when you are waxing. If it is too short then the wax won’t take hold yet if it’s too long then it will take longer to remove all the hair which will in result lead to more pain. 


Hopefully, this guide has given you all the information you need to help waxing become less painful. Whether it’s in the salon or if you are choosing to do it yourself from home all of these recommendations will help. 

What do you think of our how to make waxing less painful guide? Are there any unanswered questions? If so I would love to hear from you, as I love to hear from my readers.

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