What is a Manzilian Wax? (What To Expect)

Waxing is not just for women but equally for MEN too. 

We are in times where men groom and take care of themselves just as much as women (and so you should). 

This is where the manzillian wax comes into play. It’s simply what you would call a Brazilian wax but this one is specifically made for men, easy right. 

Manzilian wax is a procedure that offers many advantages and benefits to why you should choose this technique. Read to find out everything you need to know before choosing to book in your wax. 

What Is A Manzilian?

Let’s break down what a manzilian really involves before you book yourself in and get a bit of SHOCK!

In simple terms, it means all your hair will be waxed away from your nether regions (in polite terms). 

It is down to personal preference what you want to do. It will automatically remove the hair around the edges, as well as all the genital hair leaving your groin area completely bare. But if you would like to you can also have hair removal from your scrotum, perineum and the entire anal region. 

How BARE do you want to go?

Whats The Difference to Male Bikini Wax Vs Male Brazilian Wax?

These two types of waxes are very similar for men, but they are two different methods, so let’s learn what the difference is. 

A bikini wax refers to the removal of hair around the underwear line, hence the name ‘bikini’ wax. The aim is to simply clean up the area so the inner thighs that lead to the groin are waxed. 

A manzillian wax is a lot more invasive, this means waxing the men most intimate area, waxing every bit of his private parts. In the long run, it is more practical to have all your hair removed and much more pleasing aesthetically. 

manzillian man in boxers

Is A Manzilian Wax Painful?

This could be what you are worried about, wax and you privates – two your not sure you want to mix right?

Pain is unavoidable when you are being waxed, there is no doubt about that but it’s always more painful the first time round and more painful in more sensitive areas. 

It is also all down to your personal threshold of pain, some men can take the pain without a blink yet others may find it unbearable. 

The question is … how much pain can you take?. 

There is one little cheat you can try, which is skin numbing cream which is perfect to use before you are heading for hair removal, no matter the method this will help numb the area you are having removed, check out Medcosa Numbing Cream.

Medcosa Numbing Cream

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Is It Normal For Guys to Get A Brazilian Wax?


Waxing is just as normal for men as it is for women, this shouldn’t even be questioned. All types of men can get a Brazilian wax. 

Gay, straight, business, athletes the list goes on, you would be surprised how many men regularly choose to get waxed and are completely BARE. 

manzillian wax

Benefits of Male Brazilian Wax

There are many benefits for men choosing to have a Brazillian wax. So let’s take a look at why you should choose to put yourself through this pain (Yes, it will be worth it). 

  • Cleaner 
  • Feel Fresher 
  • Looks more attractive 
  • Hygenic 
  • Prevent ingrown hairs 
  • Stop any rash or acne from shaving 

How Long Does A Manzillian Wax Last For?

This is simply down to the individual’s hair growth. As some grow faster than others but averagely it would be about two weeks before any stubble appears. So the average time in between having to be fully waxed is around four to six weeks. 

How Long Does Hair Need To Be For A Manzillian Wax?

To get the best results from your manzillian wax, your hair needs to be at least ¼ of an inch or even longer for perfect results. 

What Happens If You Get Aroused During Your Treamtent?


This happens all the time and if you are attending a professional they will take no notice of this and will continue in a professional manner. 

Actually, sometimes it can help make the skin taut for a better waxing experience, so there really is no need to feel embarrassed. 

Just breathe, try to relax, and avoid clenching the body so that the hair is easier to remove, and it’ll be all good.

What To Expect From Your Manzillian Wax

You should be worried about the unexpected when you are attending your manzillian wax appointment so here’s what you should expect. 

You will receive a towel for modesty and they will ask you to simple undress from the waste below. 

The area will be cleansed and get you ready by giving you a pre-wax gel to help with the waxing. The beautician will move you into some different positions for access to all areas that need waxing. 

Check out this VidaSleek After Wax Oil I have found along my hours of research, many are saying they continued to use this wax oil days after waxing to make sure the waxed are doesn’t get dry and irritated.

 VidaSleek After Wax Oil

How Long Does A Manzilian Wax Take?

The length of time it takes to receive a manzilian wax can vary depending on the person’s hair growth, the area to be waxed, and the technique used. Generally, however, a manzilian wax will take between 30 and 60 minutes.


We hope this article has helped you understand if you should choose to have a manzillian wax and if it’s worth the pain. 

Looking at the benefits of your waxing it’s totally worth keeping it up. Only having to go back to be waxed every 6 weeks is worth the effect of keeping it up. 

If there are any questions I have not answered please feel free to contact me, as I love to hear from my readers. 

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