Why Does Hair Grow Outwards? (Inc 4C Hair Type)

We all want our hair to behave and grow the way it should do … DOWN. 

But in reality, a lot of different hair types dont grow dont they seem to grow outwards. But what is the reason for this? 

Well, hair grows outwards generally all down your GENETICS. Your hair follows your hair pattern and when you have curly type hair you are more likely to experience this type of growth. 

It can also fall down to other hair types, such as straight and wavy, especially men when they have thicker more sticky-outy (that’s a word right?) hair types. 

When styling our hair we obviously brush it in a certain direction depending on where our parting falls and which hairstyle we are going for, but is there any way to prevent your hair from growing outwards, lets find out. 

Why Is Outward Hair Growth Bad?

It’s a simple answer here, why is outward hair growth bad. 

YES, it’s HARD to manage. 

It’s more difficult to style and doesnt play ball when you want it to go in a different direction. Not only can outwards hair growth look out of control, but it can also be hard to decide which styles are best. 

Using the correct products for ‘outward hair’ can be essential to keep your hair stay under control and always to avoid split ends. Outwards hair growth can be a lot more prone to split ends, so using friendly products can be a huge benefit. 

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Why Does Hair Grow Outwards On The Sides?

Outward hair growth can happen all over your scalp, especially if you have curly type hair. If you have straight hair it’s more likely to happen on the sides of the scalp around your ears. 

This is more likely to happen for males, however, women also suffer from outwards hair around the ear if they have short hair types. Let’s take a look at the many reasons you may be dealing with this type of hair growth. 

Firstly, one of the main reasons for this is SHORT HAIR LENGTH. Not all the time but this seems to be a huge proportion of people who deal with outwards hair growth. 

So if you suffer from this you may want to consider growing your hair a longer length (if this is possible of course). 

Secondly, outwards hair growth could be from using heat to style wet hair. Unfortunately, this happens a lot when you have washed and dried your hair, you must make sure your hair is completely dry, if not it will cause minor burns. 

When your hair is straightened and burnt in an outwards direction, which happens naturally when you are styling your hair, it’s hard for your hair to then change the direction of its hair. 

Hair shrinkage is another huge problem that causes outwards growth. When individual strands compress themselves into tight rotations, it changes their direction of growth.

A further reason could be a lack of consideration for the products you are using on your hair. Haircare is essential for the health of your hair, using harsh chemicals can weaken hair strands. 

If you have a weaker hair type (which is typical with outwards hair types), you must sulfate-free hair products to avoid any damage.

You may also suffer from outward hair growth from using hard water, suffering from a sweaty scalp and severe weather. Let’s take a look at what you can try and put in place to stop your hair from growing this way.   

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Why Does 4c Hair Grow Upwards?

It is known that 4c hair type grows upwards due to the roots of the twists of hair loosening over time and then new growth comes in. This is when it becomes easier for the strands of hair from the base to grow in an outwards direction which in turn twists the hair up and causes it to knot. 

How To Stop Hair From Bending Outwards?

So now we have looked at what some of the causes are for outwards growing hair, we can now look at how we can prevent the hair from bending outwards. 

Our main suggestion to help stop the growth in a certain direction is to brush this hair as much as you can. Brushing it in a direction you want it to grow will help with every brush to sway it in that direction. 

You can also use extra products on your hair to keep your hair moisturized and healthy like conditioners, hair masks and serums. Using them weekly will health to grow your hair out and grow out healthier than it was previously. 

Next, we would suggest keeping your hair trimmed, as again this helps to keep your hair healthy and get rid of any dead ends which will contribute to preventing your hair from growing outwards. 


It is clear that outwards hair growth is a hard thing to control and sometimes if it’s going to happen, then it’s clearly meant to grow this way. 

Be sure to follow our recommendation on how to persuade your hair to grow down instead of outwards. Such as growing your hair in length, using the correct products for your hair and avoiding styling your hair whilst it’s wet. 

What did you think about our guide on why does hair grow outwards? Have we answered all your questions, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us, we love to hear from our readers? 

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