Do Lice Only Like Clean Hair (Myth or Fact)

We all heard the stories when we were kids that lice only like clean hair right ? is it really true or is it just an old wives tale. We are here to look at what are facts or myths when looking at why children catch lice. 

Lice really are nothing to worry about and a common insect that children (usually school-age) catch only from head to head contact, which is hard to avoid when playing with their friends at school.

Thinking that lice only like clean hair is fortunately only a myth. Lice like any human hair that they can feed on, as this is all they are searching for a home and somewhere to eat, they aren’t fussy if it’s clean or dirty. 

Although lice are not dangerous, they can just be irritating and a pain to get rid of. So your children should avoid catching them, we all know this is nearly impossible, but prevention is better than cure. Read our tips on avoiding catching them, which is not leaving your hair dirty, I promise.  

How Do You Know You Have Lice? 

Lice can be difficult to spot in hair, as the insects are only around 3mm long. Head lice eggs (nits) can be even trickier to spot as they really are minute in size. So according to public health England, the only way to get a definite diagnosis you have lice is by finding live lice in your hair. 

picture of lice eggs nits

This is because nits can be easily be mistaken for dandruff as it looks very similar. This can easily be wrongly diagnosed as having lice when it’s not. So if you find a little insect crawling, you need to use treatment. 

Signs of Lice – 

  • Itchy 
  • Moving in your hair 
  • White eggs in your hair 

Did You Know 

  • Girls are twice more likely to get lice than boys. 
  • Lice are far more common in longer hair. 
  • Lice can only live up 24 hours away from your head. 
  • Lice cannot jump, they only transfer from the head to head contact. 
  • Lice dont always make you itch, so regular checks are essential. 

Getting Rid Of Lice

If this is your first time dealing with lice, it can seem daunting with the number of available treatments. It’s essential you know what’s on offer so you can choose the right treatment, not only to get rid of them for your child but to prevent the spread to others. 

Take a look at your options – 

  • Medicated shampoos and lotions 
  • Nit Comb 
  • Homemade lotions 


Does Washing Your Hair Repeatedly Get Rid of Lice? 

Washing your hair repeatedly is not an effective or proven method to get rid of your lice. Actually its the opposite they can withstand being submerged in water for hours and have a very firm hold on their hair follicle. 

Do I need an expensive comb?

Absolutely not, there is no need for all these expensive, electronic metal double layered super sonic nit combs. The best comb is the original nit combs which are plastic with flat parallel teeth less than 0.3mm apart. 

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So looking at the conclusion do lice like clean hair only, this is clearly a myth and is not factual. They are not picky and would cling to hair wether it may be clean or dirty. 

Follow the steps above to help get rid of lice in the easier way possible and the to help avoiding your children catching them at school.

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