Do You Wax Before or After a Shower?

There is no definitive answer when it comes to waxing. Really it comes down to a matter of opinion. 

With many different points of view, and valid reasons why you should shower before or after waxing. Let us do the hard work and find all the pros and cons of both options. Including my view of course (I’m sure I’m right, I’m always right).

So what do I think you ask? Do you wax before or after a shower? I think you should ALWAYS shower before any type of waxing, no matter the part of your body you are waxing. 

Waxing depends on all the small details including how and when you shower. Every detail matter when it comes to the perfect wax. 

Let me tell you everything you need to know about waxing and showering.

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Waxing and Showering (What Do I Think)

Waxing and showering is a common debate. Just like what comes first the chicken or the egg (please tell me someone knows the answer to this?). 

Some beauticians will say it’s necessary to shower before waxing, yet others feel like that’s just not the best idea and showering should wait till after. 

Here what I think, showering before waxing is the best option. here’s why:

  • Firstly showering before will get rid of any products on your skin such as lotions, as well as removing all the sweat from your skin. This is important to get the area fresh and ready for waxing. 

Think about having your carpets cleaned. You wouldn’t get the carpets cleaned before vacuuming any bits of your carpet, this is exactly the same. 

A clean area of skin will achieve better waxed results. FACT!

  • Showering before waxing your skin, is hygienic and will help your beauticians finally results when waxing clean skin. 

A normal everyday shower will be efficient, no need to do anything different. The heat from the shower will open up the pores and roots of the hairs on your softened skin. Leaving you will better results. 

Tip: be sure to leave enough time after your shower to let your skin dry first before your waxing appointment. 

Tips: Showering Before Waxing

If you decide that you would prefer to shower after you have been waxed, then be sure to check over the recommeneded precautions you need to consider to make sure you feel comfortable. 

  • Wait atleast 24 hours after waxing to shower – let your pores close before you shower and use soaps on your skin. 
  • You beautician will clean the area before waxing and after will use a post depilatory lotion to help eliminate wax residue, soothe the skin and help keep the area clean
  • DO NOT: Use very hot water, A sauna, Steam or Thermal Treatments, Swim in the pool, or the beach. These could risk infection.
  • Try not use too much fragrance shower product, soaps or gel. Using to many chemicals just after waxing may cause irritation. This included all types of perfumes, body mists, deodorants and lotions. 
  • The most important step to avoid straight after waxing – EXFOLIATE ! this would be a huge mistake. The pores are open and the skin is very sensitive and likely to get irritated. Then imagine exfoliating your skin when its already in this delicate state. 
  • Be sure to dry your skin gently, by patting the skin dry instead of rubbing it.
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Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I Shower Before a Brazilian Wax? 

Showering before a brazilian wax is essential, this is for many reasons. Its important to keep this area clean (Hygeine yay!), showering with warm water will help soften the skin and open your pores, to help remove the hair painlessly. 

Showering will remove any products on this area of the skin, including sweat, this will help the waxing run more smoothly (With Less Pain! Supposedly). 

Can I Use Soap After Waxing?

Of corse you can use soap agan after waxing, but just sure to leave it 24 hours before you use any types of soaps on your freshly waxed skin. Fragrances could irritate your pores and cause it to turn red and itchy. 

Can I Wash My Underarm After Waxing?

You may feel its necessary to wash your underarm after having your armpits waxed. Although cleaning your skin under your arms is essential but not for a good 24 hours to make sure you dont cause any irritation. 


So now you have found out my personal opinion, you should always shower before you have to attend your waxing appointment. If you need to shower after you have finished bein waxed then atleast wait 24 hours and use fragrance free soaps to avoid any irriation. 

So no matter when you choose to shower, make sure you take necessary precaution at the time to make sure you acheive the best results after being waxed. There nothing worse than getting all red and rashy. 

What did you think of our guide on do you wax before of after a shower? Do you have any other questions? Feel free to contact us, we love to hear from our readers. 

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