Can You Use Expired Coconut Oil On Hair? (Will It Still Work)

How important is it to be paying attention to expiry dates? 

Will coconut oil still give your hair the moisture it needs? 

Will it still work as an overnight hair mask

Absolutely, although coconut oil does expire and it can go bad it will have no negative effect on your hair. It’s important you check it doesnt smell bad or look a yellow color as if it does this means it really could be past the date of use. 

This means you could apply coconut oil to your hair without any of the benefits. So it’s easy to ignore that date on the packaging and check your senses what does it look and smell like (If smells throw it away, Yuk). 

Take a look at our guide on how to check if your coconut oil is still safe to use even when it is outside its use-by date. 

How To Tell If Coconut Oil Is Bad?

Let’s talk about the easy signs you can physically check before using your coconut oil to check if it’s still safe to use it on your hair (Yes, even when it’s out of date). 

1. Strong Bitter Odour 

Coconut oil has a very neutral smell to it so it would be clear to someone if it has an odd smell to it. Especially if it has a strong bitter smell this is proof it’s gone bad. 

2. Yellow In Color 

This oil is a white color due to its main ingredient coming from coconuts of course. So if your oil has turned a yellow color this is when it’s clear its need to be thrown away. 

3. Bitty or Chunky Consistency 

Coconut has a nice smooth consistency to it, so if there are any bits or chunks in it this means it’s starting to rot and clump together. This will not benefit your hair if it’s not a nice smooth oil to apply to your hair. 

4. Black Spots 

Black oil spots in your coconut oil is a big no-no. This could be mould spores beginning to form which can be all-around dangerous and is not to be used. 

how to apply hair mask on your hair

How To Store Coconut Oil – To Prolong Expiring 

Like potatoes, coconut oil is best stored in the dark. If it is dry and dark coconut oil will be fine for a good two years (Yes, 2 years). As it normally comes in a glass jar be sure to make sure the lid has been replaced – tightly

You can also store your coconut oil in the fridge as it’s cool and dark (Winner). The only problem is when it’s in the fridge it will become a much firmer oil to touch so if you are planning on using it on your hair, I would recommend removing it 24 hours before so that it goes back to its usual texture before using it. 

Be sure to use clean utensils when scooping out your coconut oil. Contamination from used utensils can cause the formation of mould on your oil.

There are many different brands that sell coconut oil but the top choice for me has always been Optima Organic Coconut Oil, it’s cheaper than many brands and still gets the job done.

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Hopefully, we have cleared up any concerns about using coconut oil on your hair when it is past its sell-by date. 

It’s perfectly safe as long as you have checked for any signs that the oil could be spoiled or gone bad. Is a funny color, has it got a horrible odour? 

If it passes all your checks then it’s fine to use. Actually, it’s fine to use either way it just would be very pleasant putting a gone off yellow smelly oil on your hair right?

How did you find our guide on whether you can use coconut oil when it’s out of date. Let me know if you have any questions. We love to hear from our readers. 

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