Hot Comb Vs Flat Iron (Which Is Better?)

Styling your hair day today is one of a ladies’ favourite things, and making sure you use the right tool is essential. Most women find their best hair tools daily to straighten their hair and then dont stray from this one styling tool. But which device should we choose and why?. 

Hot comb vs flat iron, which tool is better? This will all depend on your hair type. Hot combs are usually used for more natural black hair types to help straighten out those tight curls. 

Flat irons are used for more straighter, more comfortable to manage hair types, included all waves, thicks and flicks. Each have their pros and cons, including different prices, skills, technology, types of tools and types of hair, let’s find out which is best for you. 

I know you may feel that these devices are pretty similar, but you will be surprised how your hair results will change simply from using the correct styling tool for your hair. 


When searching for your choice of tool, flat iron or hot comb, the price will be a considerable part of which you choose depending on your budget. So let’s take a look at the average price for each straightening device to make sure you get value for money. 

Flat Iron Prices 

Prices for flat irons are mostly higher than a hot comb and usually range from $20 – $150, depending on the brand and style you choose to purchase. However, more expensive flat irons are all-round easy to use and great value for money.

Hot Comb Prices

Hot combs are a lot lower in price in comparison to flat irons. Averagely hot combs are around $10 – $40, depending on the brand or style you choose. Hot combs are a lot harder to use than flat iron. It can be easy to make mistakes and cause damage to your scalp with a hot comb. 


You may be worried if you have the skills even to have the choice to choose from either straightening methods, flat irons or hot combs. Let us explain what skills are needed for each method. 

Skills Needed for a Flat Iron 

Do you need to a hairdresser or at least have some knowledge to use a flat iron? No. Flat irons are easy to use, and the advanced technologies they currently offer really are as easy as pie to use.  

There are several types of flat irons available to help your skills to straighten your hair, ceramic, tourmaline, titanium and ionic. You can choose the right plate suited for your needs. Flat irons do all the essential work for you. Changing the temperatures for your hair is a simple switch on the tool. 

Besides, there are some advanced technologies named infrared, ionic, etc. which can give you a better straightening experience and keep your hair safer.

Skills Needed for a Hot Comb

Skills are a little more necessary to use a hot comb. They can be a bit dangerous, burning your scalp very quickly. Although now they have the new technology of electric hot combs, these are most definitely a lot easier to use at home (with not so many skills). 

Hot combs now also come with a heat-resistant handle. The fast heat-up, variable heat settings, 24k old plated comb (which heats your hair very safely) and high-quality steel. Over time hot combs have become a lot easier to use.  

Types Of Tools

There are many different types of straighteners tools, depending on your hair type and hairstyle. Be sure to understand which device is the better choice when comparing what job they are best for. 

Types of Flat Irons 

Flat irons come in all shapes and sizes, so let us discuss which types of flat irons are available on the market to buy. Mini or slim flat irons are made for short hair, fringes and bangs, perfect for travel. 

For more extended, thicker hair types, you would choose a wide flat iron. This means it would straighten a larger amount of hair in a shorter amount of time. 

You can also choose different types of materials for the plates for your straighteners. The options are titanium, tourmaline, ceramic, ionic, wet to dry and professional. They are all great options to use, but each will depend on your budget. 

Types of Hot Combs

Hot combs are a bit more limited and only offer two different hot combs: a pressing comb and an electrically heated comb. 

A pressing comb means it is heated directly and then used on the hair and an electric comb is what it says on the tin. You plug it into heat it these are a new addition to the hot comb technology. 

Types Of Hair 

You may understand what hair type you are but do you know which hair tool you should be choosing for your hair type? Let us show you which is best for your hair. 

Flat Irons 

Flat irons are versatile for hair types. They are suitable; there is a different type of flat iron ideal for everyone. There are right flat irons for short, frizzy, damaged, long, and even thick hair. 

Hot Comb

Unfortunately, hot combs are only suitable for African-American hair or even thick, very coarse hair. They are there for hair that is hard to straighten and hard to manage. 


After reading our guide comparing a flat iron and a hot comb, hopefully, you have decided on which straightening tool you should choose for your hair. 

If you have a naturally black hair type, you choose a hot comb but be careful to understand how to use your tool correctly without damaging or burning your scalp. 

If you have more easy to manage hair, are choosing a flat iron will your best option. Although a little more financially, they are much easier to learn to use and get the results you’re looking for. 

Hopefully, we have answered which is best, flat iron vs hot comb? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us as we love to hear from our readers. 

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