How Long Does Heat Protectant Work On Hair? (Does it Expire?)

Using heat protectant spray is usually a part of our everyday routines, one way or another whether it’s using a flat iron or blowdryer, it’s used daily. 

We know you only need a few squirts to cover your hair so its really does last well. But when do we need to start worrying that it’s not protecting our hair from the heat anymore? 

How long does your heat protectant work on your hair? 

Does it expire? 

Legally heat protectant products do not expire, as these products are not required by law to add an expiry date. Therefore you can carry on using your spray on your hair until you run out. 

Although from experience it’s common sense over the years the products will start to turn, so in my opinion, I would suggest replacing your heat protectant spray every 2 years, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Let’s take a look at any information you may need to know about replacing your heat protectant spray and making sure you are using it correctly. 

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How to Tell Your Heat Protectant Is Expired?

As stated above from personal experience, you can normally tell if your heat protectant spray is no longer effective or in effect ‘expired’. Be sure to look out for the signs before using your spray to make sure you have the best protection for your hair. 

Color – 

A heat protectant spray that is in date will have no color completely translucent. So if at any point the liquid starts to come out with any color in then you need to chuck it. This means some of the chemicals have expired and now shouldn’t be used. 

Smell – 

Heat protectant is always a nice smell when sprayed. Although they are all different just like the smell of hairsprays, if you smell anything but a pleasant smell then you need to get rid of it, (BIN IT). 

Texture – 

Heat protectant spray is a thin lightweight liquid you can spray on your hair, if at any point it becomes sticky and slimy this is a quick tell tell sign that it also will need to go in the bin. 

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Harmful Effects of Expired Heat Protectants – 

If you choose to continue to use heat protectant sprays after they have expired, you could be using it for no reason as you are adding a product to your hair that is no longer fulfilling its job. Your hair will still suffer from heat damage, all over not replacing a few pounds of heat spray, it’s not worth the risk. 

How to Extend The Expiration Date of My Heat Protectant?

To try and prolong the shelf life of your heat protectant spray simply look at how you are storing it. This is one of the biggest problems with sprays going off too quickly. Be sure to avoid leaving it in very hot places or very cold places, storing it in your cupboard is the best temperature. 

Also, be sure to make sure you dont keep it in direct sunlight as the packaging will unlikely have UV protection which again in turn will cause it to expire quicker. 

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Hopefully, we have cleared up any worries about your heat protectant spray expiring. Generally speaking, your spray will not expire and legally there are no requirements in place. 

From personal experience and (worrying it’s not working) I suggest replacing the product every 2 years if you haven’t yet used it. The bottles are not huge so getting through a bottle within 2 years should be no problem at all. 

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