How To Get Blu Tack Out Of Hair (Yes Blu-Tack)

If you have stumbled across this page, I’m not sure I need to explain the possible scenarios that would end up with blu tack in your hair, it clearly already happened – trust me it happens. 

When your 6-year-old daughter, is most impressed with herself and wants to show you how she made a hairband out of blu tack for her hair, this is when the panic sets in. 

You can imagine how much of her hair was stuck in the blu tack. My first thoughts were, please dont make me get the scissors out.

I’m no Edward Scissorhands.

So, for other parents out there searching for the easiest and quickest answer on how to get blu tack out of hair, it’s simple – Baby oil. Yes, no need to buy any superior product just good old baby oil and follow our steps below. Good luck!

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How To Get Blu Tack Out Of Hair (Step By Step)

  1. Use a generous amount of baby oil straight onto the blu tack in your hair, I would suggest to stick with the most well know brand Johnsons baby oil as this is trusted to get the job done.
Johnson's Baby Oil
  1. Rub the baby oil and the blu tack between your fingers 
  2. The blue tack will start to come away and break up 
  3. Use a comb to get out any lumps of blu tack left in the hair 
  4. Rinse out the baby oil with shampoo and conditioner which will remove any leftover tack

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can Blu Tack kill you?

Although we wouldn’t advise swallowing blu tack, it wouldn’t cause much harm, maybe a stomach aches at most, but it most certainly wouldn’t kill you. So try not to panic if your child has got hold of it without you knowing. 

How to get blu tack out of hair without baby oil?

If you dont have any baby oil lying around the house to remove the blu tack from your hair, then there are other types of oils you can use that would work just as well as baby oil. Coconut oil and olive oil will do the same job. 

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How to get blu tack out of clothes?

The best solution to get blu tack out of clothes is to place the freezer item to harden the tack. This makes it easier to remove. Once it is frozen, scrape the tack off and dab any remaining tack in oil to dissolve it. Wash the clothing after removing the oil.

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I hope that this guide has given you a bit of hope that you don’t need to get the scissors out, take a deep breath, and remember that removing blu tack from any hair is easy when your know-how. Remember to follow our steps with baby oil for the best results. 

If there are any questions that you would like answered, please feel free to email in, as I love to hear from my readers. 

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