21 Ways to Grow Out Short Pixie Cut Hairstyles (Stress-Free Guide)

growing out a pixie cut meme

We all know growing out your pixie cut can be … let’s say MAYHEM! 

It can feel like a long wait, growing your ear-length hair to shoulder length but don’t give up. 

It will happen. I promise. 

You just need to know how to grow out your short hairstyles without causing yourself any stress or embarrassment along the way. 

Follow our 21 successful ways to grow out your pixie cut guide, without looking like your having a midlife crisis along the way (Been there, done that and it’s not pretty) 

1. Speed Up The Growth Process With A Hair Treatment 

To achieve most of the short hairstyles we all have come to love, it will usually involve using either a flat iron or a hairdryer to create your stylish pixie cut.

Using heated tools may have caused damage from regular styling (to keep up the celebrity look of course), so hair treatments are essential

It’s like looking after flowers, if you are giving them water and sunlight, they will likely survive. If you give your flower water, sunlight and food (Like your hair treatment) which is full of vitamins and essential chemicals, your flower will be a healthy, stronger, long-lasting flower. 

Adding hair treatments to your hair regularly will continue to help your hair thrive (like your flower).

It will help to make the growth process faster, with fewer breakages and healthy locks (for all those impatient ladies in the building). 

2. Change Up Your Hair Part (You Will Be Surprised) 

You really won’t believe the difference a parting can make. Simply change your usual parting and it will help hide any shorter layers you’re desperate to cut! 

Your willpower to not give in and just cut your longer layers back is imperative. (You can do this) 

If you have created a side parting then an ear tuck is well worth a go to hide the width of your hair whilst its in its mid-stages of growing out your pixie cut.

side parting pixie cut

3. Take Supplements

Taking clinically proven supplements, like Nutrafol (like paracetamol for headaches, Nutrafol is for hair loss) or Viviscal (a multivitamin), can speed up the hair growth process. 

Supplements may help reactivate your oil glands, which can make your hair look shinier, moisturized and increase hair growth. 

4. The Occasional Trim Will Help

We all know how IMPORTANT trimming your hair regularly is, even when you are trying to keep the length of your hair. 

Trimmed hair cuts away any split ends which means your healthy hair will grow faster.

To help control the shape and style of your hair whilst it’s growing out, I would suggest a trim every 2-3 weeks. After all, there’s nothing more deflating than an indefinable ‘do, that’s impossible to style.

dusting your hair for split ends

You may have heard of Hair ‘dusting’ (dont worry it doesnt include the dusting of your house) which is a technique that’s ideal for keeping split ends at bay, whilst keeping your length.

You’re unlikely to lose much length from dusting your hair, but the damaged tips are cut off before they move up the hair shaft and cause more breakage

It simply involves usin a comb and pulling your hair taunt to cut away any hair that is sticking out.

Think of it as hair maintenance; (like a mot on your car) if you wait too long between salon visits and dont attend when it’s due, then you’ll only have to take more length off when you finally do get a cut.

Image Source: https://www.tymestyle.com/blogs/lifetyme-blog/the-benefits-of-dusting-hair-cuts 

5. Eliminate Any Bulk (Avoid The Mushroom Look)

A grown out bob risks the look of looking, mushroom-heady. (Did I just make up a new word?)

Simply eliminate any bulk from your bob, by thinning your grown out pixie hair cut out and adding in choppy layers throughout. 

This will help to remove dead straight lines where your hair ends and lighten up the thickness of hair in the body of the mushroom shape. 

Be sure to ask your HAIRSTYLIST to help remove the bulk but not touching the length.

Do not attempt this yourself or you risk looking like your mum has cut your hair with a bowl (we all know the look). 

eliminate the bulk of your growing hair

6. Style Your Bangs Away From Your Face 

styling bands away from face

To grow out your pixie cut mean you need to grow out your straight across bangs, but don’t worry the solution is easy. 

Style your bangs away from your face and part your hair in the centre. Defying gravity means it WILL stay there in the end. 

What goes up must come back down, your bangs are the same. What goes straight across will eventually again be parted bangs (with a bit of dutch courage from your styling products).

Dont be afraid to use your flat iron or curling iron to tame your bangs where you want them to stay. 

7. Keep Face-framing Pieces

Keeping the top layers of your hair cut so that they frame your face is essential to help texture your hair and create a great look, even during the growing out stage. 

8. Secure With Bobby Pins 

When your pixie cut is in the in-between stage of growing out, slicking one side back with a light hold gel and bobby pins will give you a girly flirty look to your grown out hair. 

secure your pixie cut with bobby pins

9. Use Foam Rollers

To create the loose, bouncy celeb bob look, you MUST try out foam rollers. 

No need to attend the salon, just simply sleep in your foam rollers and achieve the look from home. 

Once you have created your laid back (i don’t care) look with your foam rollers dont forget to spray your hair with a firm hairspray to help it hold for the day

10. Keep A Sculpted Edge

When you’re growing the top portion of your hair (as you will be when growing out your pixie cut), its important to keep a sculpted edge.

When you attend the salon for your cut, be sure to ask them to keep your edges sculpted. 

Let the professionals remove the weight from the bulky areas on your hair. This will help bypass the awkward in-between stage of growth

sculpted edge pixie cut

11. Ombré Effect

ombre effect pixie cut

No matter how you choose to style your bob, an ombre effect with lightened ends can take the edge away from your chin-length cut. 

The darker portions of your hair create a face-framing effect as your hair grows.

It will help shape your pixie cut in a snap. Well in 30 minutes when you have finished dying your hair. 


12. Use A Curling Iron 

When your pixie cut becomes a longer length but hasn’t quite reached the length that actually creates a new hairstyle.

You can help your hair become shorter in the meantime. 

It’s easy to pull your length up to the length you would like to achieve by using your curling iron

Try curling sections of your hair with your chosen styling iron to create your beautiful tight curls. Losing the excess length (in hindsight). 

If you want to loosen up your curls, simply shake your fingers through your freshly styled hairstyle. 

Sounds crazy but it works.

use a curling iron on your pixie cut

13. Try Slicking Back One Side

Slick back on one side of your hair. This helps you to transition from pixie cut to bob gracefully. Rather than disguising your in-between length, you can easily turn your just-above-the-chin cut into the latest cool-girl style.

slick back one side of your short hairstyle

14. Accessorize Your Pixie Cut 

accessorize your pixie cut

You may be thinking accessorizing your hair is for kids, well your wrong.

Adding a band or a pretty clip in your pixie cut will help distract others from you’re outgrown – need a haircut, hairstyle. 

Check out Cara Delvinge rocking a plain black band to draw focus from her short hairstyle and help control the bangs before they start to get a mind of their own. 

15. Add Some Beachy Texture

When you start to lose the shape of your pixie cut, it can become a little worrying your style is turning into a mess.

When actually if you add some beachy texture to your outgrown bob, it helps give an edgy, tousled hairstyle that always looks effortless and flawless

No need to take a trip to the salon, just create the look from home by using your curling iron to create your curls.

Then simply shake out your curls with your fingers. 

This will create a loose curl look. (Dont be scared to really rough it up, it will create texture) 

beachy texture bob hairstyle

16. Let Your True Texture Shine Through

let your true texture shine through

Sometimes its best to let your true colors show.

If you have naturally wavy hair then leaving your chin-length hair wavy with help to ensure your hair looks lighter and less of a boxy appearance

Natural is always best!

17. Try A Little Curl At The Tips

When your hair has grown into no man’s land length, between your chin and shoulders. 

All you need to do is add a little cute flick at the ends of your hair then you will help give your bob a shape up. 

curl tips at the end of your hair

18. Maintain The Lob

Just in case your not sure what a lob is, it’s a long bob. (Dont you just love that word LOB, or is it just me?) 

As your hair grows into a lob length, be sure to continue to maintain it. 

Continue to refine the ends so that your lob holds it’s style. Introduce texturizing products and styling tools such as a wand to help create your fancy textured lob

maintain your lob

19. Be Patient 

If you have made it to point 19 on our guide, then you know you have it in you to BE PATIENT. 

Patience really is a virtue. 

It takes around 6-9 months to actually grow out a pixie cut and reach a bob length hair. It will be at least 18 months before your hair is long enough to make a ponytail. (and most definitely a few more months to have a ponytail like Arianne grande). 

20. Don a middle part

Creating a middle parting when trying to grow out your straight across bangs, will help to create some stylish side bangs

When your bangs are styled away from your face, it can help your hair seem polished and styled, even when your haircut is in the in-between stage of growing out. 

21. Slick It Back

If you get it right, slick back styles are one of the trendiest to date. Giving your hair volume and learning how to slick it back, at the same time is imperative to achieve the look. 

Just be sure to make sure it looks like you were trying to create the slick back look by using the right styling products, i.e avoid wet look gel. (Rather than looking like you haven’t bothered to wash your hair all week) 

slick back hair

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Long Does It Take To Grow Out A Pixie To A Short Bob? 

Asking how long it takes to grow out a pixie cut, is like asking how long is a piece of string.

There is no definitive answer as to when it comes to the length of time it takes to grow hair depending on your individual’s hair, they all grow at different rates. 

Normally a pixie cut takes anywhere from around 4 – 6 weeks to grow out to a short bob

If you want to try and shorten the length of time needed to grow out your pixie cut, you need to get your hair to its healthiest state. 

This means packing in those healthy foods that are perfect for hair growth (Dont switch off yet, there will be some healthy foods you will like, I’m sure) 

Try including:

  • Almonds
  • Green peas
  • Papaya
  • Carrots
  • Brocolli
  • Kale


The truth is growing out your pixie cut is a struggle and I’m sure there will be times where you just want to give up, cut it and go back to looking like Rhianna! (well we all know we would like to look like her right?) 

Just hang on in there, if you want to grow your hair out of your pixie cut, then go for it. 

Follow our steps to make the process easier for your self and just remember, you will still look just as good with long hair. YOU CAN  ROCK THIS!

You won’t regret it. 

Once you make it to your desired hairstyle whether it’s a short bob or hair-like rapunzel, you will feel proud of yourself for making it there and getting the confidence to make a change. 

Did you enjoy our guide of ways to grow out short hairstyles? Is there anything we have missed that you would suggest, we would love to hear your ideas? 

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