What Is a Full Body Wax? (With Pros & Cons)

SMOOTH is better. 

There are no rhymes or rhythms why we choose to wax but just because smooth is better. If you choose to regularly wax parts of your body then, a full body wax might just be the ANSWER. 

Having a completely hairless body and being soft to touch we know a full body wax leaves amazing results (you will not regret it). 

In order to decide if a full-body wax is appropriate for you, learn what to expect, how much it costs, and the full pros & cons of choosing this style of waxing. 

It’s a little bit frightening to think about getting a full-body wax. So let us help you choose to be hair-free (Apparently, the caveman look is way out, just me, ok moving on!). 

Woman Waxing Man's Chest With Wax Strip

What Is A Full Body Wax? 

It is what it says on the tin – A FULL BODY WAX. 

Body waxing is a technique that will remove hairs from every area of your body directly from the roots. 

Body waxing is done by spreading a thin layer of wax on the area of skin you are looking to wax. The hot wax covers the follicles and helps with pulling the hair out from the roots. Then a strip is pressed and pulled quickly against the direction of the hair growth (this stops it from being so painful).

When you get a full body wax, both soft and hard waxes will be used on different areas of your body. Hard wax is great for sensitive skin, while soft wax works best on larger areas.

Wax beans in box for hair removal

What Does a Full-body Wax Include 

The appeal of the full-body wax is becoming more popular over the years but what does a full-body wax include? (other than pain). 

A typical procedure for a Brazilian waxing includes removing all or part of the pubic hair and then proceeding to wax the private area and bikini region before moving on to the arms, legs, and back. Facial waxes may be included in certain packages.

What Makes this Product Different from Other Wax Treatments?

There are many factors that make your full body wax different from separate wax treatments and why you should choose a full wax. 

If you have hair in places you’d rather not (I mean we all do right?) then practically and financially getting it all waxed at once is the best option. 


Although prices vary it’s understandable that paying a one-off fee for a full body wax would be a lot cheaper than paying for individual wax treatments. 

This also means you won’t need to visit your salon as often saving you time. 

Beautician Waxing Woman's Leg

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How Much Is A Full Body Wax? 

Averagely, a full body wax can start at $150 and go up from there depending on how much hair and how big the area is that needs waxing. This sounds like a lot of money however this can be the cheaper option compared to getting each area waxed in individual sessions.

Pros of a Full Body Wax 

There are many PROS to a full body wax, lets’s take a look at all the reasons you should choose a full-body wax: 

  • Price – Lower in cost, saving you money in the long run 
  • Professional – A full body wax will need to be completed by a trained beauty therapist, meaning you will get top results
  • Saves Time – As the entire process is completed at once, this will save time compared to having individual treatments are separate times
  • Effective Method – It is an effective method of hair removal and will prevent them from growing back thicker
  • Grows Back Slower – it will help the hair grow back slower with this method.

Cons of a Full Body wax 

Unfortunately, there are negative points to choosing a full body wax, so let’s take a look at the cons: 

  • Painful – It can be more painful than individual settings as you will need to sit for longer for a larger area of waxing
  • DIY – Not suitable for do it yourself home. There are areas you wouldn’t be able to reach by yourself. 

Aftercare For a Full Body Wax 

Aftercare of waxing is ESSENTIAL. 

The skin will be tender and sensitive, and will usually be a little red and itchy. Therefore it’s essential to keep the area that has been waxed clean and free of fragranced creams or oils as this can cause irritation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Full-body Wax Include Private Parts?

Absolutely, a full body wax does include your private parts. The treatment normally starts by waxing the intimate areas and the bikini section.

Is Full Body Wax Safe?

Full body wax is SAFE. 

Just as safe as any type of waxing. Although there are some reasons as to why you would be advised against waxing. These include; People who use acne medications such as tretinoin and isotretinoin, as these medications make your skin more sensitive. 

You should also avoid waxing if your skin sunburns, as again this would irritate the sunburn on your skin even more.

Is a Full Body Wax More Painful? 

As anyone who has ever had a wax can attest, the process is far from pleasant. However, there is no denying that it can be an effective way to remove unwanted hair.

When it comes to pain, however, there is some debate as to whether a full body wax is more painful than other methods, such as shaving or epilation. While there is no definitive answer, there are a few factors that can make a full body wax more uncomfortable.

For one thing, the larger surface area means that more hair is being removed at once. Additionally, sensitive areas, such as the bikini line or underarms, can be more painful when waxed than when shaved.

Ultimately, whether a full body wax is more painful than other hair removal methods is subjective. However, those who are considering it should be prepared for a fair amount of discomfort.

Is It Possible to Achieve a Full Body Wax at Home?

Although many people do wax themselves from home, as a full-body wax includes the private areas, it may be difficult to achieve a full-body wax from home. But not IMPOSSIBLE. 

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Hot wax treatment


So if you are regularly waxing most parts of your body, to save time and money choosing a full body wax may just be the answer for you. 

It means you will be hair-free for longer. 

What did you think about our full body wax guide? Are there any questions we have left unturned? Please feel free to contact us, we love to hear from our readers. 

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