Are Bendy Rollers Bad For Your Hair?

Bendy rollers are heatless rollers that help curl your hair. These soft and versatile rollers can create both loose and tight curls, including natural wavy styles. Suitable for all hair types, even the more delicate thin hair types, as no heat is needed. 

Are bendy rollers bad for your hair? They are not bad for your hair but not good for your hair. We recommend these out of all the types of rollers for your hair as they cause the least damage due to no use of heat. 

Although bendy rollers can still cause breakages from the tightness when rolling the hair and for effectiveness, being left overnight is essential, so at least 8 hours. This can cause hair to weaken.

Take a look at all the side effects and damage that can occur from using bendy rollers. With all your questions answered about bendy rollers.  

bendy rollers

Why Use Bendy Rollers? 

Bendy rollers are recommended for hair that’s not suitable for heat such as; hair extensions, wigs, human weaves and damaged fine hair. 

Bendy rollers are quick and easy to use, you dont need to be a hairdresser to know how to get the best results from the rollers. They are also versatile as you can create both tight and loose curls only by the way you curl the hair around the rod and how tightly you make them. 

Side Effects 

These rollers offer the least side effects from curling your hair, but you must understand what side effects and damage that could be a possibility:

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Tifara Beauty Salon Heatless Flexible Hair Rollers

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Bendy Rollers any good?

Do they even give us the curls we are looking to create? Absolutely. 

Bendy rollers give the same if not better results than when using a curling iron. Not only do they provide the top results for curling, but they can also be used on all hair types, including fine and damaged hair. 

Does rolling hair every day damage it?

The more frequently you roll your hair, the more likely it will cause damage from the tension from repeatedly using bendy rollers. So it’s suggested to try and use every other night or less. 

How many rollers do I need for my hair?

How many rollers you need to curl your hair all depends on your hair type, length and curl you are aiming for. 

It’s easy to work out as in an average pack of bendy rollers there will be an array of sizes, and once you have had a play around rolling your hair, you will learn to understand how many you need in your own individual hairs needs. 

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It’s clear that bendy rollers are not bad for your hair when comparing this method to those involved with using heat. Although this does not guarantee any damage from using bendy rollers to curl your hair. 

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