Asian Hair VS Caucasian Hair – 5 Common Differences

We all know we have to care for hair differently depending on the hair type. 

If you have curly hair then you will have a completely different hair care routine, you may need extra products to promote and help the curls. 

But what about straight hair? Are there different types of straight hair? 

Are there any differences between white hair compared to Asians? 

Caucasian and Asian hair is completely different. Even if they look the same at a glance, straight and sleek there are actually many differences. Such as the number of cuticle layers, the flatness of cuticles, the way the hair breaks, the reasons why it breaks and each hair type requires a different method of care. 

Let us explain the difference between Asian hair and Caucasian hair. We will explore the 5 main differences between these hair types have. We will also cover how you can care for these two different hair types. 

How Is the Hair of Asian People Different?

Let’s have a good look at what we think the differences are between Asian and Caucasian hair. As there are said to be 5 common differences, let’s check each one out in detail. 

  1. The Number of Cuticle Layers

Cuticles are the protective ‘thingy’s’ that are there to protect the inner protein structure of your hair. A typical hair has anywhere between 5 and 10 layers of cuticles to form hair. 

Check this out, Asian hair has an averagely of 10 layers of cuticles compared to caucasian hair which typically has 5 layers of cuticles. Instantly you can see the difference in the structure of the hair formation. 

It’s also been proven that Asian cuticles are also thicker, wider and densely packed compared to caucasian hair. 

  1. The Flatness of the Cuticles

Caucasian hair is a lot of flatter cuticles than Asian hair. Asian hair has different types of angles in its cuticles which means they are led at a different angle compared to white hair. This is how Asian hair has the appearance of being much thicker and fuller.

  1. The Distance Between the Cuticles

The distances between the cuticles are wider from caucasian hair compared to Asian hair which is much narrower. The closer apart your hair cuticles are this will help give you a much fuller head of hair. 

  1. How the Hair Breaks

Caucasian hair is a lot more fragile than Asian hair when it comes to how cuticles break off. When the hair is pulled or stretched then Asian hair seems to break into larger pieces rather than white hair seems to break off into smaller pieces. 

  1. Why Hair Breaks

Hair breaks due to the adhesive failing. Asian cuticles hair tends to fall off a lot easier as the adhesives seem to fail a lot quicker. Caucasian hair seems to have a stronger adhesive that holds a lot better which prevents the hair from breaking and falling off so much. 

Asian hair picture 3

What are the Typical Characteristics of Asian Hair and White Hair?

We can all see that different ethnicities all have different hair types but some are a bit more noticeable than others hence why we are currently making a guide comparison of both Asian and White hair as there are many physical differences. 

We can start with the most obvious such as color, texture, structure and the way it implants into your scalp can differ between each ethnicity. This is one of the main reasons why your hair will grow at different rates depending on your hair type. 

Let’s take a look at the different characteristics of each hair type. 

Asian Hair

Typically Asian hair is usually dark brown or black and is normally very straight. Asian hair type is one of the fastest growth rates and normally grows around 1.4cm per month. Asian hair also has the lowest density of any ethnic hair type (crazy right?). 

Caucasian Hair

Caucasian hair is a bit more tricky to pinpoint than white hair typically looks, it really can be either straight, wavy or curly.

This also is the same when looking at hair color, Caucasian hair can vary from blond all the way through to dark brown. 

Caucasian hair strands are actually more oval-shaped and therefore the density of this hair type is normally high which can lead to nice thick hair. This is how white hair becomes thicker more out of control hair types. Caucasian hair is one of the highest density hair types when comparing all ethnicities. 

caucasian hair

Facts About Asian Hair & White Caucasian Hair

We have found some quick and easy facts you may want to know about these two hair types. Check out our list below – 

  • Who do you think will turn grey first? … That’s right, unfortunately, it’s caucasian hair types, Asian hair tends to turn grey much later on in life. 
  • Asian hair is actually twice the diameter and has a thicker cuticle than white hair 
  • Asian hair grows faster than all the other ethnic hair types
  • It’s known that Asian hair usually has between 80,000 – and 140,000 scalp hairs but actually has much fewer hairs per square centimetre than white hair. 
  • Asians also tend to shed fewer hairs per day and also experience less baldness than caucasian hair. 
  • Asian hair works better when using hair loss treatments 
  • As Asian hair has higher porosity levels this means it absorbs and keeps moisture better than Caucasian hair

How to Care for Asian Hair

As Asian hair is less dense than white hair it tends to be thicker making it more prone to being more frizzy and harder to manage.

However, if you know how to care for and maintain your Asian hair then you can keep all types of Asian hair in top shape. 

Detangle Before Washing

Like all hair types, it’s important to brush your hair before washing it. Asian hair more so needs detangling as can become tangled very easily. Try using a paddle brush or thick tooth comb to brush your hair before getting into the shower. 

Try to Avoid Hot Showers

Right we all like a hot shower, especially us women, FACT. But this is not advised for any types of hair types really. Be sure to wash your hair in WARM water. It is also recommended to rinse your hair in cold water after your hair wash. Which will help lock in moisture (dont worry, a lot of women didn’t know this little tip). 

Low water temperature can help close the cuticle cells and add shine to your already beautiful Asian hair. 

Make Sure You are Using the Right Shampoo

We know that using the right products for our hair types is key when maintaining hair. So it’s essential you have the right shampoo for Asian hair types. To tame your frizzy hair and get the perfect finish to it be sure to choose shampoos that contain natural oils. 

You should also think about the quantity you are washing your hair weekly. Shampooing your hair too often can actually cause more damage than good. Try not to wash your hair more than 2-3 times a week. 

If you find your hair is greasy quicker than you should be washing it, it may help if you use dry shampoo on your hair to keep it looking and smelling fresh. 

Help Your Hair Shine

Asian hair is known for its gorgeous shine to its hair. If you feel like your natural hair color is becoming dull it may be looking at what conditioner you are using to maintain the shine to your hair. 

There are many conditioners out there to choose from that are designed purely to add shine to your locks. You can also add shine to your hair you also use a shine spray, check out our top choice of spray for your hair. 

Bed Head by Tigi Headrush Shine Hair Spray for Smooth Shiny Hair

If you choose to give this spray be sure to the ends of the lengths of your hair rather than on the scalp, as spraying the scalp could cause it to become oily or greasy. 

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Hair Oils Are A Life Saver

If you dont use oils on your hair regularly already then you are missing out. Not only are hair oils great for thick, and frizzy hair types helping to keep your hair under control its also there to help prevent hair loss. 

You can use many different types of oils on your hair but our favourite to use on Asian hair is coconut oil. Which alongside helping to maintain your hair will also help prevent scalp infections. 

Use Hair Masks Regularly

Hair masks are completely underrated, once a year we use one when we get given one for Christmas. When actually hair masks are an essential part of your hair care routine. Hair masks are made for each different hair type, so you can choose a hair mask specifically for Asian hair. 

When searching for the right hair masks for Asian hair make sure you choose one with egg protein that helps to prevent split ends. Hair masks will help to add moisture to the hair, in turn, helping to promote hair growth and make your hair shinier and healthier. 

Asian hair picture 2

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How to Care for Caucasian Hair

With Caucasian hair, there is no one way you can care for your hair due to white hair having so many different hair types within one ethnic race. Below are the best ways to care for Caucasian hair and tips on how to keep it at its healthiest. 

Use Dry Shampoo – We won’t Tell If You Don’t

Dry shampoo is a saviour when it comes to keeping your hair looking fresh in between washes. This is also good for keeping your hair healthier. The less you wash your hair the more you will preserve your natural oil from your scalp to help protect your hair to keep it healthy. 

It’s one of the most simple processes to use dry shampoo. Just take your spray and spray it into the roots to soak up the grease. Use your fingers to rub the product into your hair as something it can come out little a little white. 

You can also use our special trick of using your hair dryer once you have sprayed it with your dry shampoo as this will help to dry the product up so it’s not visible. 

Treat Your Hair With Hair Masks

Be sure to regularly treat your hair with a mask. We have a girlie weekend and get the face masks out but strangely many women are still unaware that we also have hair masks which should be included in our weekly hair care routine. 

Using a hair mask will be beneficial to the health of your hair, helping to push moisture into your hair strands leaving you with shiny healthy-looking hair. It’s easy to use, just apply the mask to your hair leave for as long as instructed on the box, then rinse off using warm water. 

Don’t Use Shampoo So Often

We automatically think a shampoo is good for your hair as it cleans it right? Well, actually it’s the complete opposite. 

Washing your hair too often will dry your hair out leaving it looking brittle and dry which is then in turn easily breakable. It’s important that we let your hair keep its own natural oil from your scalp to keep your hair healthy. 

Don’t Apply Conditioner on Your Scalp

If you think your hair is feeling more and more greasy with hair washing. Be sure to check that you are applying your conditioner correctly. Instead of soaking your entire head of hair, it’s advised that you should just use the conditioner on the ends of your hair. 

It’s essential we keep the natural oils in your hair which come from your scalp mostly which is why we want to help protect those oils in your scalp. 

Use the Right Hairbrush

A brush is a brush surely? 


Using the right hairbrush on your hair is essential. One brush does not fit all, it’s essential you have a collection of brushes that you can use for different uses. For example, boar bristle brushes are there to help achieve smoothness when trying to put your hair up neatly. 

Yet if you are looking to build volume and body in your hair there are many different size roller brushes to help you achieve your look. There are also paddle brushes that are designed to detangle longer hair types, as well as calm down any static you may be suffering with. 

Don’t Pull Your Hair Back Too Tight

It has been proven that tying your hair up too tightly can cause major damage to the hair follicles causing split ends and breakages.

Whether you choose to put your hair up in a bun, a ponytail or an impressive updo, you need to make sure you dont put the hair tie in too tightly. 

If you pull your hair up to tight then this can start to cause balding in those areas that are feeling the tension. It will also put a strain on the front of your hairline especially the baby hairs as these are a lot finer than your normal hair. 

According to Healthline Traction Alopecia is caused by tight hairstyles which is why it’s essential to avoid using such tight hairstyles too much.

caucasian hair


Hopefully, this article had helped you under the main differences between white caucasian hair and Asian hair. As you can see from above there are many 5 main differences that we have discussed between the two hair types. 

This includes their appearance, how the hair falls, how the hair breaks, how to maintain each of the hair and the different methods need to clean the two types of hair. 

For the first time we have (well scientists really) have proven that Asian hair is actually much more solid structure-wise when it comes to comparing it to caucasian hair.

Therefore this is where it leads to the beautiful long silky hair that all these Asian women are known well for. 

We have provided all the information needed to take care of both caucasian hair and Asian hair. Hopefully, our page will help you with the best ways to care for your hair, maintain it and keep it looking the best it possibly can. 

What did you think of our guide on Asian Hair VS Caucasian Hair, is there anything you feel like we have yet to answer, please feel free to contact us as we love to hear from our readers.

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