Do You Put Rollers in Wet or Dry Hair?

Rollers really are one of the easiest ways to achieve the perfect curl. 

They’re EASY to use.

Without causing any damage to your locks. 

So you have watched every tutorial out there on how to put rollers in your hair, but yours arnt ending up like everyone elses right? Somethings its the little details that matter. 

Like do you put rollers in your hair when its dry or wet? Which will see you achieve the best curls? 

The best time to put hair rollers in your hair is neither wet or dry but simply damp. This is the perfect point to add rollers to your hair to allow the curls to form. 

Make sure you read our guide on how you should put your rollers on, and how wet or how dry your hair should be first. (it makes all the difference i promise) 

When To Add Your Rollers To Your Hair

One of the most asked questions when trying to learn how to use rollers in your hair. Even if you are an EXPERT the curls wont form if you dont add them at the correct point. Below I will give you a quick run down on what steps you should be following: 

  1. Shampoo and condition your hair as you would like normal. (try and avoid any silicone products as this adds a lot of weight to your hair)
  2. Towel dry your hair. Make sure it stays damp but not dripping with water. 
  3. Use a mousse product and gently massage it into your hair this will help your hair hold its position once it starts to dry. 
  4. Separate your hair into manageable section this way you can work around your head add in the rollers one by one. 
  5. Spray with setting lotion once again once you have your hair in the right form. 
  6. Leave in the rollers until your hair is fully dry all the way through, this is usually recommended to be overnight.  
put your hair in rollers

How Long Should Leave Rollers In Your Damp Hair? 

It is recommended that you should leave ‘wet rollers’ (this is the name for the type of roller you are simply relying on wet hair drying in the shape you have left it in) in until your hair is fully dry, this usually would be overnight, to be sure its fully dry.

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Aftercare of Your Roller Curls 

To make sure your curls stay in their form for as long as possible it is recommended to use a flexible hairspray so its holds. You should also gentle rub a smoothing hair serum through the curls this will help get rid of any frizz or flyways. 

roller and clips


It is essential to add the rollers when your hair is damp, this will ensure your hair is not to heavy and wet the curl wont form, or the hair is already to dry meaning it wont then take the shape you are trying to form. 

Remember DAMP is key. 

I hope we have managed to answer your question, do you put rollers in wet or dry hair. If you have a question we still haven’t answered, then we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to send us an email. 

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