Can Drinking Water Help Hair Loss ? ( Is it That Simple? )

Hair loss is difficult for anyone to go through. It’s a big part of our identity, and watching it fall out can feel as though you are losing part of that.

But can drinking water help with hair loss? Is it able to jump-start the process of regrowth and healing? 

The short answer is, that it is possible drinking water helps with hair loss, but it’s also not quite as simple as that. Water is a huge help with regards to hair growth and helping your follicles to heal.

But you also need to understand why, as well as how to make the most of it. That’s why we’re here to guide you. 

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Drinking-Water and Hair Loss 

Your body is up to 80% water, and that’s a massive amount. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to learn that many of us are always a little dehydrated and that we don’t drink enough water.

If your body isn’t getting enough water, then your hair certainly isn’t. 

Hair follicles are the fastest growing tissue in the body, continually refreshing and regenerating to keep your hair soft, silky, and healthy.

You eat the right foods to give your body the nutrients it needs, so why shouldn’t your hair be the same? It’s time to start staying hydrated. 

Symptoms of Dehydration – Do You Need More Water? 

It’s essential to be aware of the symptoms of dehydration so that you know when to start increasing your water intake.

While you should always be drinking enough water, it is easy to lose track from time to time. Here are the symptoms to look out for:

  • Urinating infrequently or less than usual 
  • Dark urine with a pungent smell
  • Dizziness 
  • Fatigue 
  • Muscle cramps
  • Changes in mood 
  • Loss of focus 

According to experts Healthline, you should be drinking around eight glasses of water per day. If you are urinating less than four times a day, then it’s time to start increasing your water intake.

How Water Affects Hair Growth

It’s common knowledge that dehydration impacts our skin and general health and that it can be dangerous – even fatal – if severe enough.

But we don’t think about how it affects hair growth. 

You can take all the vitamins and supplements in the world, but it won’t be enough to keep your hair at its healthiest unless you are also drinking enough water.

Without it, your hair becomes dry and pale and it will start to thin as growth isn’t nearly as stimulated. 

Daily, your body is losing between two and three litres of water a day. This is through sweat, tears, urination, and other potential forms of excretion.

In addition to this, the water in our skin evaporates throughout the day – not replenishing this leaves hair follicles lacking.

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Eventually, this will lead to the hair no longer growing as well as becoming hard, dry, and incredibly fragile.

As soon as the roots begin to absorb water again, they will start to repair and hair will grow again. 

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Benefits of Water for Hair Growth 

As demonstrated above, water is excellent for hair growth and can help massively.

It has various benefits, which can be concisely categorised as follows:

Energy. Water is an energy source that fuels our entire body (most of it is water, after all).

As a result, the cells that are responsible for hair growth need it to function correctly. 

Vitamins. Water feeds and nourishes our cells, but also provides vital vitamins that keep both our hair and our bodies healthy and full of life. 

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Vitality. The roots of your hair are covered in tiny nerve endings, all of which are incredibly sensitive.

Water activates these nerves, improving vitality and keeping your hair looking great.

It also helps hair to produce magnetic and electric energy for its health through hydrolysis. 

Dandruff. Dehydration can cause dandruff to become more apparent as well as the hair to start thinning.

Additionally, you may find your scalp becomes itchy, flaky, and sore as a result. Even a low level of dehydration can cause the hair to be weaker.

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Can hair loss from dehydration be reversed?

Yes, hair loss from dehydration can be reversed. All you need to do is increase the amount of water you drink and ensure that the food you eat is naturally rich in moisture and water.

This will help to boost your hydration and repair your hair. 

Which kind of water is good for hair? 

Soft water is the best kind for hair. It is gentler on the strands themselves as well as the follicles, and it doesn’t contain the same dissolved minerals as hard water.

This means it is easier to wash your hair as well as much better for its health. 

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Final Thoughts 

Drinking water can be a great help if you are suffering from hair loss.

Ensuring you remain hydrated stimulates the hair follicles to grow hair and keeps them nourished with essential vitamins and minerals.

It really can be as simple as boosting your hydration levels. But, it’s not quite as easy as downing a glass of water and finding that your head is suddenly sporting new hairs.

It takes time, as well as ensuring that you keep yourself hydrated as opposed to only drinking enough when you feel you might be dehydrated. 

Has staying hydrated and drinking water helped hair loss for you? We’d love to hear more about your journey in the comment section below. 

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