How Long Does A Perm Last For Men? (How To Maintain it)

Perms are becoming just as popular for men as it is for women. 

But how long do perms actually last especially for men, when they have a shorter hairstyle and will have it cut more often. 

Men’s perms would normally last between 4-6 months depending on the style you have had done at the salon, your hair type, how quickly your hair grows and how well you maintain your perm. 

There are many steps that will help maintain your perm and help it last longer. So be sure to follow these steps to get the most out of your salon perm. 

7 Steps To Maintain Your Perm to Last Longer for Men – 

1. First 48 Hours Haircare  

The first 48 hours after your perm is the most essential. It needs to basically be untouched for the best results. Be sure not to comb or brush it and especially not to wash it. This is to ensure you dont undo your stylist’s masterpiece. It can take 48 hours to fully set. 

2. Avoid Direct Heat to Style Your Hair

Once you have your hair permed, using heat from your hairdryer to dry your hair or a heated tool to style it will only ruin the style that you have paid for. It will cause your hair to become frizzy and loosen your curls. 

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3. Get It Permed at a Salon 

It’s important that you go to someone who has experience with perming hair. Although it doesnt seem like a complicated treatment at the salon it can easily be carried out by someone who doesnt do it correctly and will only last half the recommended time

So in the long run you could be getting the perming treatment done cheaper but you may then have to have it done twice as quick. POINTLESS RIGHT? 

4. Deep Condition Regularly 

Curls need moisture to stay tight and in their form. So it’s important to deep condition your perm two-three times a month to keep your curls happy and healthy with added moisture. 

This will also help reduce any tangles and fewer split ends. It will also help to reform any damaged curl patterns within your perm.

 5. Shampoo Less Often Than Usual 

When you have your hair permed it can cause your hair to become very dry and unfortunately too much shampooing can either cause your hair to become even drier. 

Although shampooing your hair is important for cleansing and removing any dirt from your hair too much will dry it out. 

6. Sleep Carefully 

It may sound over the top but if you sleep with your perm wrapped up in silk this will prevent your hair from tangling overnight and will reduce any frizz from rubbing your hair on pillows. 

For a man, this may feel like it’s extreme but you will be surprised how much of a difference a wrap will make. 

7. Keep Up With Your Normal Haircut Routine

You may think you dont need to have your hair cut because you have had it curled, why would you want to cut your perm cut when you have just had it done. But it actually the complete opposite cutting your hair regularly will keep it healthy and help it last longer. 

Should You Get a Perm as a Man?

If you are reading this then you should go for it. If you want to perm your hair then there is absolutely no reason as to why you shouldn’t have a perm. It s a unisex hair treatment. 

Can Men with Thin Hair Get a Perm?

This is an important factor to be worried about but unless you are suffering from scalp problems or hair loss then there is no reason why you shouldn’t have your perm. 

Thin hair will perm just as easily if anything better than normal or thick hair. 


Hopefully, you understand now how to follow all the steps to help maintain your perm to help it last for its full 4 months rather than it dropping within weeks rather than months. 

Be sure to follow the steps, dont use heat to style, shampoo less, a condition more and wrap your hair at night these are just a few steps that will help your perm last longer. 

What did you think about our guide on how long will a man’s perm last? Are there any questions you would like to ask? 

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