A Guide To Using An Epilator For Armpits – Tips & Advice

Most women resort to shaving their armpits most days, which can turn out to be not only a pain but not the best result for a clean shave. It can leave stubble and grow back quick and thick, making each shave harder to achieve a smooth shave. 

Our guide to epilating your armpits will be gripping; it really is the go-to method for underarm hair removal. We will help you understand why you should choose to epilate your armpits over any other hair removal methods. 

Not only will we talk about the benefits of epilating your underarms; we will answer your questions. Let you in on all our top tips and a step by step guide on how to epilate underarms the correct way. 

Once you turn to use epilating for your hair removal, you will never go back!

Benefits of Epilating Your Underarms

The most obvious benefit of switching to epilating your underarms is epilation helps stunt rows of armpit hair, meaning you will not have to shave every few days but every few weeks. 

It is also beneficial to destroy your hair follicles strength the more you use the epilator, the weaker and finer the hairs will grow back, meaning each hair removal will get easier and last longer.  

Epilating can also be used at home with ease, with no leftover products, no mess, simply charge your epilator and glide across your armpits. 

It’s also financially beneficial. You only need to spend out on the epilator you choose best for your skin type, which will last for years.

If you have used other hair removal methods such as razors or waxing, this needs to be brought and replaced most months. 

using epilator to remove underarm hair

Before You Epilate Your Armpits

#1 – Choose The Best Epilator for Armpits

You must choose the best epilator not only for your armpits but for your skin type. For example, If you have sensitive skin, you would make sure you have an epilator with low settings with soothing strips, on either side to help when removing hair. 

If you suffer from dark skin around shaven areas, you may want to find an epilator with higher settings that will help remove all the hairs from the roots. Any dead skin, which contributes to darkened areas will also be removed. 

Take a look at this article to help you understand more about epilating the pubic area.

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#2 – Exfoliate Under Your Arms

Exfoliating before hair removal is a general rule to the success of removing hair, especially under your arms as this is a tricky area for your epilator to grab hold of the strands.

By exfoliating your skiing beforehand, you will prevent any ingrown hairs by removing any dead skin before the skin has the opportunity to grow over the hair. The more you exfoliate, the smoother the finish! 

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#3 – Consider The Length of Your Armpit Hair

Ironically epilating works a lot better when the hair is shorter rather than longer. Typically, we would want hair to be a certain length to get the best results, but it is easier to remove with armpit hair when it’s short and maintained. 

If this is your first time using your epilator, you may want to shave your underarms first around 2-3 days before, so you know you have the hair at the correct length. 

How Often Should You Epilate Your Armpits?

How often you should epilate your underarms all depends on how quickly your armpit hair grows back. 

After epilating the first time you need to make sure you wait for any inflammation to go down until it is at least 75% clear, so you dont cause any irritation. 

You may need to touch up your underarm hair once a week. But with each session of epilation, your strands will get weaker. Slower-growing back so the need to epilate should get further apart. 

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Steps on How to Epilate Underarm Hair – 

  1.  Charge – 

Make sure your cordless epilator is charged

  1.  Hot Shower – 

Having a hot shower will help open the pores under your arms, making them easier to remove. 

  1.  Dry Your Underarms – 

It’s essential to towel dry any moisture from under your arms, even consider using powder to get it completely dry. The drier the armpit, the easier the epilator will pick up the hairs to remove. 

  1.  It’s Important to Make Your Skin Taut First – 

Keeping your skin taut means you will not miss any hairs to remove and not catch any of the skin whilst epilating. 

  1.  Lowest Setting – 

It’s best to use the lowest setting, to begin with, so you can always use a higher setting if needs be. 

  1. Light Strokes – 

Try starting with light, quick strokes to get used to the pain. Also, use the epilator at a 45-degree angle, which means only half of the machine will be touching your armpits. This helps to get used to the pain – slowly does it!

  1. 90 Degree Angle – 

Holding the epilator at a 90-degree angle will help you glide the full blade across the hairs evenly. 

  1. Repeat, repeat, repeat ! 

Don’t worry if all the hairs under your arms aren’t one in one pass. It usually takes a few strokes to remove all the hairs evenly entirely. 

  1. Sooth Under Your Arms – 

You will now have two red, full plucked armpits. Soothing these with a lotion will cool them down and help keep them moisturized until any irritation has gone. 


Is it safe to Epilate underarms? 

It is safe to epilate your armpits. You need to make sure you follow the steps involved (before and after) to avoid any irritation or damage to the skin. 

How do I soothe my armpits after epilating?

Soothing your armpits after epilating is the same as helping your skin after using any hair removal method. Any soothing lotion that can be gently rubbed around the area daily, such as aloe vera or cocoa butter, would be a great option. 

Can you use deodorant after epilating?

It is not recommended to use deodorant after epilating as it can cause red bumps and irritation. After a few hours, you can use deodorant again as usual. 

Is epilating your underarms painful?

Epilating your armpits is neither pain-free nor painful, it is bearable. If you have plucked your eyebrows before this is a similar feeling, you can feel it is happening, but it is more than tolerable. 

Final View 

Hopefully, this has helped you understand why you should choose to epilate your armpits compared to any other hair removal method. Looking at the benefits, it’s easy to use and will help your underarms be hair free for longer, which is our end goal. 

In the long run, regular epilating also weakens the hair under your arms, meaning it will become easier to maintain and remove your armpit hair. 

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