How Long Does Beard Dye Last?

Most men are hot on grooming, including dying your beard. Whether this is because at long last your beard is turning grey on you or you are just filling in your build to help it lool darker, fuller and thicker, permanent beard dye will be the best option for your beard. 

So you have chosen your permanent beard dye, but you want to know how long does beard dye last? How often do you need to dye your beard? 

The answer on average is every 2-3 weeks. This will depend on how fast your beard grows. You are fighting against your beard’s natural growth, and the color fades away with every face wash and shower, which again is unavoidable. 

Please read our guide on how long beard dye lasts, how to use dye on beards and how to try to make it last longer. 

How To Choose The Right Color?

Choosing the right color for your beard all depends on your intentions for dying your beard in the first place. 

If you are just looking to cover up those grey hairs, then you would want to try and find the color closest to match your beard. Although to fully get rid of those greys, we recommend you go a shade darker to cover the patches fully. 

If you are just looking to dye your beard for fashion and you wish to stand out, then always go for a shade darker than your beard’s natural hair color. This helps to show your beard off by going darker. 

Although there is no reason for you to choose natural colors you can go whacky and choose purple or blue, why not? We all have these mad moments in our lives. 

beard dye on beard

Before Applying The Dying Product

Before dying your beard, be sure to take a look at all our steps to follow to dye your beard correctly. 

# Patch Test – 

If you haven’t dyed your beard before or even used the dye brand you have chosen, it’s essential to always do a patch test, just in case you are allergic. If you are allergic to the dye could cause severe irritation to the face. 

To do the patch test correctly its important to dab a small amount of your dye behind your ear as this is a sensitive part of your body that would be similar to dying your beard on your face. 

Leave for 15 minutes and remove, within that time you should be able to tell if you have any allergies. 

# No Shower – 

It’s essential not to shower before dying your beard, the reason being before you have washed your beard, the hair will be full of natural oils, which will help absorb the dye and help prevent any skin irritation.

You would want to wait for at least a day or two after your last shower, to help your coloring achieve the best results possible. 

# Be Organised – 

If you are dying your beard for a big event such as a wedding or an interview, just remember you will need to dye your beard at least two days prior unless you want to risk looking like you fought with the hair dye. 

Hair dye tends to stain the skin for the first few days and is always a lot darker in the first few days. Save yourself the embarrassment and just be organised! 

# Hair Dye Is Messy – 

Once you have trimmed your beard from caveman to sexy man (we all know that’s what your thinking), you are ready to start the dying your beard. Just remember hair dye is messy, and it will stain everything. 

So first be sure to find an old t-shirt you dont mind getting hair dye on, you can keep this just for your dying days. As much I’m sure we would all love to see your body try to avoid going topless as it will be harder trying to get it off your skin when you are finished compared to just taking off your old tee. 

# What You Will Need – 

Try making your life easier by having these items ready before you dye your beard : 

  • Junk hand towel to cover your counter or sink 
  • Paper towel to clear up any dye that escapes from your beard 
  • Latex gloves to avoid your hands going the same color as your beard
  • Color treatment shampoo – this will help prolong your color lifting as quick as this is designed to help preserve the color you have applied  
beard oils used on beard

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How To Use Dying Products For Your Beard?

If you have used regular hair dye before this is pretty much the same, beard dye will come with a base developer container and color tube. You then will need to mix both until you have a thick solution. 

Always make sure you combine the products in clean trays and brushes, so you do not end up dying your hair with the dark color you used a few weeks ago (trust me it happens). 

Apply the dye with the brush making sure you have covered all areas equally. Although if you dont have an applicator brush, a toothbrush would work just as well. 

If your beard is short, 10 minutes is long enough for a beard, but you can leave on up to 20 minutes if you have a really long beard. Then once ready, you can rinse off thoroughly. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does beard dye last on skin?

Beard dye will last on the skin for around 2-3 days, so there is no need to panic, so dyed skin won’t stay for long. Washing your face and brushing your beard will remove the dye on your skin.

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How long does beard dye last on eyebrows?

When using beard dye on your eyebrows, it usually lasts around 2-3 weeks before you need to dye your eyebrows again. 

Should I dye my beard to match my hair?

If you are wonder if you should dye your hair to match your beard, well there is no need to worry as there is no right or wrong answer. Beards don’t need to check your hair color and think about animals with their patterns and marks, making them individuals. Let your beard be different; choose whichever colour you like. 

Does beard dye expire?

Manufacturers state that unopened hair dye doesnt expire. The warning is that hair dye has a shelf life of around three years, and then after that period, the hair dye may not work as effectively as before. 


Hopefully, you have enough information to decide which beard color to choose, what to do before applying your color and how long the dye will last on your beard. 

What did you think about our how long will beard dye last article? If there is a question we have missed, please contact us as we love to hear from our readers. 

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