How Long Should You Wait to Tan After Waxing?

TAN, Nails, Hair and WAXING. A recipe for the perfect night out. 

But the question is, how long should you wait to tan after waxing? Well, it’s simple, waiting 24 – 48 hours is an ideal time to wait if you are planning on tanning in the sun or a sunbed. If your planning on using fake tan then it’s advised a period of 2-3 days. 

But why wait you ask? 

Skin can react post-wax if there is any exposure to the sun, redness and irritation are common side effects of not waiting.

Unfortunately, fake tan needs to be applied to smooth clean skin. Straight after waxing your pores are open and tan can clog these pores (making it look uneven). 

So make sure you read our guide to fully understand the IMPORTANCE of waiting to tan after waxing (You will thank me later). 

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Fake Tan and Waxing

It is not recommended to use a fake tan yourself or receive a spray tan on the same day as being waxed. After waxing your pores are open, meaning the fake tan can get stuck in these pores causing an uneven tan with dark spots on your skin. 

It’s common after waxing you can also suffer from some redness and irritation. So it’s ideal to let your skin have a break and recover. This will help to avoid any further irritation (nothing worse than a red rash, been there done that). 

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On the flip side, waxing is actually a clever thing to do prior to any fake tan. 

Waxing actually exfoliates your skin, leaving your skin stripped of all the dead skin cells needing to be removed before tanning. All tanning solutions stick much better to skin that has been prepped including exfoliation. Well, waxing is leaving you one less job to complete. 

When tan has been applied to the skin EFFICIENTLY this extends the life of your tan

Ultimately, the key is to wait 2-3 days after waxing to use any type of fake tan. By following this you will allow your skin to be both waxed and tanned. Allowing no mishaps or irritations (let’s avoid looking like an Oompa Lumpa this time, just me?). 

Healthy Skin equals a perfect tan! 

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Sun Exposure and Waxing

We all know the pre-vacation schedule and we know we can’t go away with hairy legs and as white as a ghost (A scary thought, hey). 

If your planning on relaxing on the beach for the week (If you are, take me with you), you should consider getting waxed at least 48 hours before

This will avoid causing any side effects when you are bathing in the sun. Skin that has been waxed and had any dead skin cells removed, is especially sensitive to any UV exposure so be sure to apply sunscreen. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Will Waxing Remove My Sunbed Tan? 

I know how you could think waxing could remove a natural tan or even a sunbed tan. But there is no need to worry. It may remove the top layer of the dead skin but this is seriously no more than using a body scrub or an exfoliator on your skin. I promise your skin is SAFE according to the trustworthy HuffPost.


Hopefully, you have learnt enough to understand the importance of waiting around 2-3 days to tan after your waxing appointment. 

This way you will be sure to achieve the perfect tan, without any lumps, bumps or crazy orange patches. 

How did you find our guide on how long should you wait to tan after waxing? If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We love to hear from our readers.

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