How To Dye Chest Hair Without Staining Skin (It’s Easy)

It’s amazing what a difference dying your chest hair can make. 

No matter if you’re trying to cover up your greys or simply exchange those dark attractive masculine hair on your chest. 

It’s WORTH it. 

The question is how do you dye your chest hair without fully staining your skin. 

You can easily prevent staining your skin when dying your chest hair by using gloves, applying vaseline around the areas you don’t want to dye and using dyes that tend not to drip. These are just a few simple ways you can prevent dying your skin. 

Although it’s not difficult to work it out, in reality, hair dye is messy especially when you’re trying to apply it to your chest hair. Take a look at the guide below to learn everything you can put into place to prevent dying your skin. 

7 Ways to Prevent Dying Your Chest When Dying Your Chest Hair

We all know the saying PREVENTION is better than CURE right? Well, this is the same for not dying your chest when dying your chest hair. It’s easier to stop it from happening than trying to get the dye off your skin when it’s too late. 

1. Wear Your Gloves 

Wearing gloves will not prevent you from getting it on your actual chest but it’s an easy option to prevent it from covering and dying your hands. 

2. Lay Down (LOTS) Of Towels 

Be sure to lay down lots of towels, to prevent it from going on anything around you. Although you may think this is going to the extreme, it’s inevitable it’s going to drip on something (it’s always going to be the best piece of furniture right?). 

3. Use a Non-Drip Hair Dye 

There are certain brands who offer a hair dye and describe themselves as a ‘non-drip’ hair dye. These would be the perfect product to choose when choosing the right hair dye for your chest hair. 

The Just for men Moustache & Beard Is our top choice although it’s design for mens beards rather than chest hair this is still no drip color and will do the job. There are actually no products on the market as of yet that have a dye made just for men’s chest hair. 

But the point is that this dye would minimize skin staining further by reducing the amount that drips down below your chest.

Just for men moustache & beard dye

4. Use Vaseline Around the Edges

Vaseline is one of the most important and cheapest parts of your dying kit you will need. All you need to do is apply some vaseline around the edges of your chest where you don’t want the hair dye to get onto your skin. 

The jelly that is in the Vaseline will help prevent the dye from going out of the borders causing less spill of the dye going onto your skin. 

5. Be Sure to Wipe Off Any Stains (QUICK)

No matter how careful you are there is always going to be dye stains on your skin, its practically impossible to actually not get any on your skin. But there is no need to worry, just be sure to wipe off any stains and be QUICK ! 

Simply use a damp cloth to wipe off any dye you don’t want to be there. 

6. Use An Applicator Brush

Using your hands/gloves to rub the hair dye into  your chest probably isn’t the best way to apply the dye as this will cause too much dye on your skin. 

We recommend using an applicator brush and with this try and use a light touch. Brush in a gentle upwards motion and if needs be then use your fingers to smooth out the dye. 

7. Rub Down Afterwards

Depending on how long the instructions state to leave the hair dye on your chest for, it’s essential you wash out the excess dye so jumping in the shower would be a great idea. Then be firm and use a towel to remove any leftover color from your skin. 

It is much better for the dye to be on your towel then left on your skin. 

What Products To Use To Dye Your Chest Hair

Although hair dye for chest hair hasn’t actually been created yet (crazy but true), there are plenty of other options out there for you to choose to use on your chest hair. 

It is important you don’t use hair dye on your chest as normal hair dye should be used on your scalp only as this would be too strong for other body parts. This is why we have chosen hair dyes for beards, and private parts as these are created for facial skin.   

Just for Men Moustache & Beard Dye

This is one of the most popular hair dye brands for men, it works so well for moustaches and beards it will be the perfect alternative for chest hair.

Its non drip design means it’s easy to apply with your applicator brush without it running all over your skin. 

MiniKini Organic Colour Permanent Dye For Pubic

This is a gentle, easy to use permanent color designed for pubic hair.

This means this Minikini organic dye has been designed for sensitive areas which is why it’s perfect for your chest hair.

As this brand has made sure it has no ammonia in it will cause no damage to your chest hair.

Cameleo Men – Permanent Hair Dye

This Cameleo men permanent hair dye has been designed to be quick and easy to use, with results in only 5 minutes.

This product is great value for money and would be the perfect solution for dying your chest hair. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Really Dye Chest Hair?

Yes of course it’s perfectly natural to want to dye your chest hair to match your hair color especially if those greys are starting to appear. Just be sure to use the correct hair dye for facial hair or private parts rather than normal hair dye as this could cause a reaction. 

Will Coconut Oil Keep Hair Dye Off Skin?

Coconut oil will do a grand job keeping hair dye off your skin especially when dying your shorter style hair on your chest, But really any kind of oil will work, baby oil or argan oil will work just as well. 

What Age Does Chest Hair Turn White?

Usually chest hair will start to change colour any time from turning 30 all the way up to 50. It really depends on your genenectic on whether you keep your natural color or you start to go grey early. 


Hopefully you have the full knowledge you need to dye your chest hair without staining your skin. By following our step by step guide on how to prevent staining your skin there should be no reason for you to be covered in dye. 

Be sure to choose the right product for dying your chest hair as the last thing you need is to use a product that gives you a reaction. Make sure it’s a product that is designed to be on sensitive skin. 

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