How To Get Rid Of Coarse Chin Hair (For Us Women)

Chin Hair and Women

Three words you never thought would need to be in the same sentence RIGHT?

Well, don’t panic, it is actually a common problem we as women suffer from. There are many reasons, from pregnancy, PCOS (a problem with your ovaries that cause a ton of side effects), Cushing Syndrome (your body produces too much cortisol), Menopause and simply a change in hormones. 

Chin hair image of women

There is no need to worry, I am going to give you the 101 on how to get rid of coarse chin hair naturally from your own home.

A step by step guide to giving you the easiest and quickest options that suits your needs.

It’s actually really simple to remove chin hair when you know-how! (You can do this) 

Why am I Getting Chin Hair?

I’m sure you’re intrigued as to why you are now starting to grow chin hair whether its one black thick hair or just that fine-peachy-fluffy-stuff (Do you like my new word I just made up?). 

Once you understand the causes of your wiry chin hair you have a better chance of helping it go away. 

Let’s take a brief look at the reasons for your chin hair and the side effects caused so you can hopefully find out what is the reason for your new little hairy chin-friends. 


PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome. It’s characterized by a group of symptoms that affect the ovaries, including:

  • Ovary cysts
  • High levels of androgen and other male hormones (this is what causes chin hair) 
  • Irregular periods

Along with unwanted hair, people with PCOS often also suffer from:

  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Heavy periods
  • Acne (back to your teenage years) 
  • Headaches
  • Skin tags

If you think you can relate to some of the symptoms above then maybe this could be a diagnosis to consider for your unwelcome chin hair.

Cushing’s Syndrome –

Cushing syndrome results from your body being exposed to high levels of the hormone cortisol for a long time. There are two different reasons it can happen. 

Firstly, if you take corticosteroids for a long time, secondly if your body produces too much cortisol. (basically, an overload on hormones make your bodies function CRAZY) 

Symptoms to look out for :

  • Excess facial hair 
  • Irregular periods 
  • A fatty hump between the shoulders 
  • Purple stretch marks 
  • Acne

Menopause – 

We all understand the basics of menopause (you’re too old for periods, which is a bonus right?) but there are a multitude of symptoms that many of you may not be aware of. 

So if you are between the age of 45 – 55 + then this is a diagnosis you may want to consider. (this is just an average age limit, there is such thing as early menopause)

Symptoms you could be suffering from menopause : 

  • Periods come to a stop 
  • Hot flushes 
  • Excess hair growth 
  • Night sweats 
  • Difficulty sleeping 
  • Mood swings 

Getting Rid Of Unwanted Chin Hair

So hopefully you have decided what you think the reason for your chin hair could be. Either way, you now need to understand what options are available to get rid of your unwanted chin hair. 

I suggest reading through each method of hair removal suitable for under your chin first, then you can use the step by step instructions from the method you feel best suited to you. (and your new hair-friends on your chin). 

Hair removal method options for your chin hair include : 

1. Tweezing – 

Tweezers are a simple hair removal method to do away with chin hair. They’re cheap to purchase and last for a long time (tweezers seriously last forever).

Tweezers are designed for the occasional spars hair, like chin hair or eyebrows. Small and lightweight to carry around for those individual hairs that randomly appear. You will never feel embarrassed to find a hair on your face again (just pluck it out and QUICK).

Be sure to disinfect your tweezers before using them from home. Even if you’re only ever using the tweezers on your own face, it’s so easy to cause an infection on your skin. Here’s what I would suggest to soak them in before and after using them. 

Take your tweezers (preferably slanted-edge to the skin) and pull from the hair in one swift motion. Pulling the skin on your chin tight to prevent it from hurting as much is a good tip (it can pinch a little when you catch your skin, so pull it tight).

tweezer hair removal method for chin hair

A common question we have been asked is how often to pluck chin hair

Well, it really is just down to when you see a hair growing get rid of it. You don’t need to let it grow like you would with waxing. So simple, quick and no fuss to pluck the hairs out as soon as you catch them!

2. Shaving

Shaving, Facial hair and Women. 

These are now not classed a taboo subject. It’s very common for women to shave facial hair away, especially chin hair. 

It’s actually something that many women take pleasure in doing because there are special facial razors available that can be used directly on dry skin.

These razors are made so they don’t irritate that skin at all, there’s no cutting risk and they even exfoliate the skin.

Take a look at our top razor recommended for the hairs on your chin. 

3. Waxing 

When it comes to choosing to wax for your coarse chin hair, you firstly need to consider which wax you are going to choose. 

It’s ok, NO need to panic.

Let us explain which wax options there are for facial hair and why you should choose it.

  • Facial Pre-Waxed Stips is option 1, the type you buy ready-made for you, they stay cold and you simply apply to the skin and yank (sorry I love the word YANK, have to keep using it YANK) 
  • Hard Wax is option 2, the type you would find in salons where you heat up the wax in a wax pot, let it cool on your chin and yank it off (many use these from home).
waxing strip chin hair

Benefits of Using Pre-Waxed Strips: 

  • Super easy to use, even if you have never waxed before 
  • Mess-free (Something we as moms love to hear)
  • Fast to use
  • Perfect for those first-time chin removals (beginners welcome)

How Do You Use Cold Waxing Strips?

  • Rub the strip between your palms together to heat it up
  • Apply the strip on your chin in the direction in which the hairs are growing
  • Massage the area where the wax sticks to the hairs
  • Grab the corner and YANK in the opposite direction (There’s that word again)

I have used these strips for years for hair removal so let me give you some of my advice and opinions. 

It’s a painful-not-painful method. It’s a quick type of pain that you can cope with but you’ll get used to it quickly.

The strips are cheap to purchase and are easy to cut to the right shape for the area of hair on your chin. 

Remember to soothe the irritated skin immediately after the hairs are gone. I recommend using this cream, I swear by it. 

Benefits of Using Hard Wax: 

  • It’s gentler on your skin, especially for your chin
  • It’s less painful to remove, compared to cold wax.
  • Normally less residue left behind.

How Do You Use Hard Wax?

  • Apply a pre-wax oil, to create a barrier between the wax and your skin to protect your skin.
  • Warm the wax. It should be warm, not hot. The easiest and safest way to warm the wax is in a wax warmer. 
  • Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth with a waxing spatula.
  • Wait for it to harden, then pull it off in the opposite direction of hair growth.

You may feel that there are more difficult options to choose from, but actually, as soon as you have purchased your wax melt pot. 

Financially you only need to replace the wax to melt. It’s a great option on a budget. 

This is also the recommended hair removal option for facial hair, like your chin because hard wax is perfect for the more sensitive areas. 

Hard wax only dries on the hairs, not the skin so therefore you can treat and retreat areas to make sure all of the hairs are removed without damaging the skin

4. Sugaring

Sugaring is very similar to waxing. It removes hair from the roots and QUICK! 

It’s used for facial hair as is perfect for sensitive areas. Like waxing, it only sticks to the hairs to pull away and not your skin. 

Benefits Of Sugaring: 

  • Perfect for sensitive skin 
  • Gentle hair removal option
  • Can be applied more than once to any area of the face during a session
  • Helps avoid ingrown hairs 

5. Threading 

Let’s start with the truth. Threading is not painless.

But hey, it’s a bit painful but manageable.

Although it’s one of the most effective methods of hair removal on your chin. The downside is you need to find a professional. 

Believe me, I have tried. (Multiple times, may I add) 

Unless you know how I seriously wouldn’t be able to thread the hairs on my chin if they were a foot long. It’s just so tricky to get it to work. 

So after giving you the You-cant-do-it-alone pitch. Why would I recommend it for chin hair removal?

Because it’s less likely to cause irritation and breakouts. 

If you have sensitive skin, threading is the first thing you should try. 

threading hair removal for chin hair

Benefits of Threading: 

  • Perfect for sensitive skin areas 
  • Technique is gentle to the skin 
  • Cheap to have done (even by professionals) 
  • Will keep hairs away for longer

6. Epilation 

If you have acne-prone skin, using an epilator is one of the cheapest hair removal methods for removing chin hair and it pulls the hairs from the roots so the smooth skin will last a lot longer. 

Benefits of Epilation: 

  • Epilators can be used in the shower, this help reduce irritation 
  • Can remove hairs early in the growth cycle (will take longer to grow back) 
  • Can remove hair as small as a grain of sand (IMPRESSIVE)
  • Leave your chin smoothe for at least 4 weeks 
  • Less likely to cause ingrown hairs

Read Here: Can epilators be used on pubic hair

facial hair removal epilator

7. Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams are a top option to remove chin hair. 

It is totally PAIN FREE. 

Although creams take a little more effort to use, you need to be careful how long you leave the cream on the skin, otherwise you could cause a chemical burn on your skin.

Just be sure to follow all the instructions precisely, and be sure to test the product on a small part of your skin to make sure you’re not ALLERGIC (That would be a disaster, trust me if you want to avoid puffing up like a puffer fish).

Benefits of Hair Removal Cream: 

  • Cheap to purchase 
  • Easy to use 
  • No risk cutting yourself 
  • Pain free
  • Works on peach fuzz and coarse hairs

Foods To Stop Facial Hair 

Want to reduce the growth of hair on your chin. Here are a few foods you should eat a lot more of: 

  • Green tea 
  • Spearmint 
  • Cinnamon 
  • Mushrooms 
  • Lettuce 
  • Sunflower seeds 
  • Apricots 
  • Wheat germ
  • Chicken breast 
  • Tuna 
  • Barley 

Vitamins to Help Reduce Facial Hair 

There are many different vitamins that will help reduce any facial hair over time. So let’s take a quick look at the top picks that will help you with chin hair and why. 

  • Vitamin E – Vitamin E can counter the effect of androgens and reduce testosterone levels in the body. Incorporating foods rich in vitamin E can help you to reduce excess facial hair. 

Foods such as spinach, avocado, broccoli, sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds are rich in Vitamin E and should be incorporated into your diet. 

  • Vitamin A – Vitamin A regulates the testosterone level in the body and therefore reduces chin hair growth. The most natural sources of Vitamin A are papaya, carrots, sweet potato, green vegetables, fish. 
  • Vitamin B6  – Vitamin B6 helps with the production of prolactin hormone in the female body which is a hormone that releases testosterone which causes facial hair in women.

This vitamin can be found in avocados, fish, organ meats, soybeans, walnuts, peanuts, whole grains, spinach, bananas, and other fruits.

  •  Magnesium, Zinc, and Copper– Magnesium, zinc, and copper can also help prevent facial hair by decreasing the effect of testosterone. 

Spirulina, leafy green vegetables, sunflower seeds, chickpeas, lentils, cashews, almonds, chia seeds, raisins, sesame seeds are all rich in copper.

  • Calcium-D-Glucarate – Calcium-D-Glucarate can get rid of toxins from your body and if you are free of toxins, there will be less of a hormonal imbalance, and less facial hair growth. Calcium-D-Glucarate is only available in supplement form (via the doctors).

Frequently Questions Asked 

Can Chin Hair Grow Overnight?

All facial hair, including chin hair, grows about half an inch per month. Yet, I’m sure when you wake to unwanted hairs that weren’t there the night before, I can imagine how you may feel like your hairs are growing like their on steroids.

So although your chin hair can grow overnight, just remember half an inch over a full month this is plenty of hours and days to remove your chin hair before it gets out of hand. (Common, keep control of your chin hair guys)

How To Stop The Growth Of Hair On The Chin?

Don’t we all wish as women there was some magic solution to stop the growth of your unwanted hair on your chin, well hair generally (shaving is my pet hate lazy-mum-problems).

Unfortunately, there is no way to stop the growth but you can stay on top of removing the hair by choosing the correct hair removal method for you. 


Just remember hair on your chin as women are normal especially later on in life, it’s nothing to panic about. 

Most of the time you would simply want to get rid of the hairs for cosmetic reasons and nothing more. (Just make sure you have checked out the medical reasons which could be a possibility to be on the safe side). 

If you have a lot of hair on your chin or experience increased hair growth suddenly, it could be a sign of a hormonal imbalance. This may be a sign to visit your doctor, to be on the safe side. 

Learning how to get rid of coarse chin hair from home is EASY. We have suggested multiple hair removal methods for your chin. 

If at first you don’t succeed, try and TRY AGAIN. 

Do not feel like you should only stick to one of the hair removal methods. You can use a combination of methods to find the best for you and your chin. 

How did you find out about getting rid of coarse chin hair? Did we cover everything you wanted to know? 

If you have any questions you would like us to answer, feel free to send in an email we love to hear from our readers. 

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