How To Towel Dry Hair For Men (The Right Way)

Many men rely on blow-drying their hair to create their hunky hairstyle. Hunky hairstyles are imperative for everyday haircare (we all know this is true). 

Although using a hairdryer takes a matter of minutes, heat can damage what hair you have to style with. So it can be recommended to towel dry your hair thoroughly, style and then leave to air dry. This is just as effective as blow-drying, only without the heat. 

So how do you towel dry hair for men the right way? There is no right or wrong answer but understanding the correct steps to take when using the towel with leaving your hair shiny and sleek, instead of fresh and fluffy. 

Choosing the correct material towel, dab and rub gently, styling your hair as the right point when your hair is half dry and treating your hair like worth a million dollars. 

Following all our steps and tips below will give you the best advice on how to do towel dry your hair the right way. 

The Pros and Cons of Drying Your Hair with a Towel

Towel drying your hair is not good or bad for your hair, but there is a right and wrong way to towel-dry your hair. Your hair is at its most fragile state when it is wet.

So if you then started rubbing your hair vigorously at this point, then you could cause long term damage and therefore, in the end, cause hair loss or baldness. The best way to towel dry your hair is to gently squeeze the water out of your hair with the towel and then let it air dry.

If you must use a blow dryer, set it on the lowest heat setting and hold the dryer at least six inches away from your head. Be sure to hold the dryer moving so that you do not overheat any one spot on your head.

When you are finished, lightly run your fingers through your hair to style it as desired. following these simple tips will help keep your hair healthy and prevent long-term damage.

Steps To Towel Dry Men’s Hair 

Step 1 – Wash your hair, be sure to choose the correct shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair with. Choose a gentle shampoo and a natural conditioner for the best results. 

I would recommend Luseta Tea Tree & Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner Set for a product that will look after your hair, leaving you with a healthy shine.

Luseta Tea Tree & Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Step 2 – Choose the correct microfibre towel to dry your hair without causing any static to the hair and half the drying time. 

Step 3 – Gently rub and dab your hair with your towel to remove any excess water. 

Step 4 – Pat your hair with your towel and leave it in for around half an hour until it is half dry. 

Step 5 – Style your chosen hairstyle. 

Step 6 – Air dry your hairstyle to keep it in place for the day. 

Benefits Of Towel Drying Hair

There are many benefits for men towel drying hair compared to blow-drying your hair. These include: 

  1. Using a blowdryer on your hair can cause your hair to turn frizzy and fuzzy, which can damage the hair. Losing the exposure to heat from using towel drying instead of a heated tool is a huge benefit. 
  1. Using the blow drying method, men would likely use styling products and heat protectants whilst using this dryer. These products can cause scalp issues and build up products on the scalp. So not having to use any products when choosing towel drying will benefit your scalp for years to come. 
  1. Towel drying is a portable method that can be used whether you’re on holiday or in a hotel room. Take your unique chosen towel and your away. 

Pros & Cons to Towel Drying Men’s Hair 


  • No damage to hair 
  • Use anywhere, great for travel
  • No styling products or heat protectant needed 
  • No build-up of products on the scalp 


  • Longer drying time

What Is the Best Towel for Drying Men’s Hair

We have tried out 12 different towels to give you our honest opinions on the best towel for towel drying men’s hair. We had a clear winner the microfiber towel is the best option out there when drying your hair. 

A microfiber towel is made up of tiny fibres that provide a large surface area for the towel to absorb moisture quickly. 

Using a microfiber towel will help with the lack of friction caused by many other types of towels. 

Since there is no need to rub the hair to absorb water, there is less strain and friction inflicted on your hair.

This towel material is proven to last longer than other types providing great value for money. These towels absorb better than cotton towels and will never malt, leaving fibres or lint in your hair as others do. 

TASALON Microfiber Hair Towel

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are microfiber towels better for towel drying? 

Microfiber towels are the best towel for drying your hair. It will help dry your hair faster than most other towels, such as cotton towels. Wrapping your hair in a microfiber towel for around half an hour will leave you to have dry. 

How do men get soft dry hair?

Once you have dried it, achieving soft hair for men is all about the shampoo you choose to wash your hair. Make sure you choose a gentle shampoo and a natural conditioner. Dont forget to include hair oil, to help achieve a soft, thick hair effect. 

Does towel drying cause hair loss?

Vigorously drying your hair with a towel (the way most guys do it), is quite destructive to your hair’s cuticles, or the outer layer of each strand of your hair. So when towel drying your hair daily, be sure to be gentle with your drying technique. 


Its clear that the most crucial factor to consider is choosing the correct towel for drying. This helps to achieve the results quickly and effectively. 

Be sure to follow our step by step guide and understand the benefits of using a microfiber towel to achieve your hunky hairstyle. Avoid using any hair products during the drying process. Be sure to choose a gentle shampoo and a natural conditioner for the best results. 

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