What Is A Two Block Haircut? (How To Maintain Your Haircut)

We all LOVE a Korean trend. 

Fashion, hair and music (you can’t tell me you have never danced to ‘Gangnam style’, right?). 

The two-block haircut has become a highly popular hair trend all over the world. 

To make it simple, the two-block haircut really is just an upgraded version of an undercut haircut with the lower part of the back and sides shaved off. Leaving the top part of the hair medium to long. 

Read below to find out everything you need to know about a two-block haircut. How to achieve it, who can have it and how to maintain it once you are rocking the new unique style!

What Is The Two Block Haircut?

Let’s go into detail and learn more about this EXCITING new style. 

The two-block haircut recently gained more attention in the media due to many Korean pop idols and celebrities all showing off the new hair trend. 

At first, this haircut was prominently used by males but now this fashion cut is being used by both men and women. 

I mean it’s pretty impressive how ICONIC this very simple but flattering haircut has become. Not many male haircuts actually become a trend, so this one is special. 

Although the two-block haircut is very similar to what we would call an undercut let me explain what the main difference is. There is simply a clear contrasting change between the lower block and the upper block in the two block haircut. 

To make it easy to understand the two-block haircut is a much sharper, disconnected version of an undercut. 

This style can help elongate male facial features and create a chic look. It’s also very versatile and is suitable for most face shapes, which means it’s also easy to maintain. 

Should You Get A Two Block Haircut?

OBVIOUSLY, it’s a yes from us! 

We just love this haircut and you should definitely try out a two-block haircut. There are endless ways to style this haircut in minutes. It’s easy to maintain at an easy length to brush. 

If you are bored with your current haircut then this is seriously a contender to consider. You won’t regret it. 

Remember, it’s not like you have to stick to that same hairstyle, that’s the great thing about hair. IT GROWS. 

What’s the procedure for growing a two-block haircut?

Growing your two block haircut is easy to do with it still looking great, just be sure to maintain the style by keeping the back and sides trimmed back. This will help to keep it neat and tidy whilst it is getting longer. Don’t be scared to be unique and choose your own length of your two block haircut. 

How To Style It

Learning how to style a shorter haircut can sometimes feel daunting as you don’t have many options but to style it how you have had it cut. We all know it looks just amazing when we leave the hairdresser with our new hairstyle, but we can be worried about recreating the style ourselves. 

There is nothing to worry about, styling a two block haircut is EASY. 

Be sure to purchase the right styling option for your shorter hair such as Layrite and texturizing taffy. You can even keep your back and sides shaved and trimmed on your own by using your own clippers from home, this can just help keep the length down in between salon visits. 

Layrite Layrite Natural Matte Cream

It’s possible to blow dry it very quickly and style it with a tiny quantity of wax. It’s so low-maintenance that you won’t break the bank.

popular tw block style
Image Resource – https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/343329171586966356/ 

Extended Fringe

Brown Two Block Haircut With Side Part

Brown Two Block Haircut With Side Part
Image Source – https://ulo.life/blog/two-block-haircut/ 

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Hopefully, you now understand what a two-block haircut is and why you choose to use this hairstyle. 

Not only is it a fashion trend, but it’s also easy to maintain and is unisex, open for everyone to choose. 

How did you find the two block haircut guide? Did you find out everything you needed to know? If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us, we love to hear from our readers. 

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