How To Remove Beard Dye From Skin UK

Beard dye is becoming more and more popular for men grooming, especially when it comes to beard’s shape and color. It’s easy to use and make a massive difference to a man’s appearance. 

So how do you remove beard dye from your skin? You can use many different techniques, which will remove the dye from your skin gently and efficiently.

This includes using cotton wool with your chosen removal products such as dish soap, rubbing alcohol and toothpaste. 

Get rid of your stain on your skin as soon as you can, the quicker you try and remove the dye stains, the better results you will achieve. 

We will also help you understand how you can try to prevent staining your face with your beard dye in the future, without advice and tips to follow. 

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Step By Step Guide to Remove Beard Dye from Your Skin – 

Removing beard dye from your skin should be a walk in the park if you follow the steps below. The only part you may need to change or adapt is the ingredient you use to remove the stains from your skin. 

All our recommended removal techniques are natural products and can all be used from your home, DIY style. Remember, there are other ways to remove hair dye stains such as wipes designed especially for this. 

  1. Choose Your Removal Product

Finding the correct removal product is the most crucial part of removing any dye stains from the skin. The best part about searching for your perfect removal products is most of them you will simply find lying around the house. 

It’s essential to try all the different natural products you can get your hands on. You dont need to stick to one product to remove the dye, whichever removes the stains from your skin the best for your particular skin type stick with it. 

Here are some options you may want to try:

  • Rubbing Alcohol 
  • Hand soap 
  • Toothpaste 
  • Dish soap 
  • Baking Soda
  • Nail polish remover 

Rubbing Alcohol – 

Rubbing alcohol is a cleaning product that is perfect for removing stains from fabric and of course, skin. This is a great product to get rid of the stain nice and quick. If you suffer from sensitive skin, I will avoid rubbing gel as it can be harsh on the skin, especially on your face. 

Hand Soap – 

We all know soap can wash about that germ and stains from your hands. Hand soap can work just as well one your face removing beard dye from your skin. 

Toothpaste – 

Toothpaste is a massive winner for removing tough stains, even if those stains are hair dyes on your skin. 

Dish Soap – 

Dish soap is a bit stronger than your regular hand soap as it’s not made too onto skin, but will not cause any damage to your face. It’s a great option to remove dye from your skin. 

Baking Soda – 

Add baking soda to your dish soap to create a paste to spread over the beard dye stain on your skin. Be careful not to leave the paste on your face for too long up to 5 minutes is long enough, to avoid irritation. 

Nail Polish Remover – 

You can dab a diluted amount of nail polish remover on your face where you need to remove beard dye on your face. Be careful not to get any of your mixture near your eyes. 

  1. A Patch Test 24 Hours Before 

Allergies are an essential factor when searching for the best beard dye removal products for your skin. Skin is a sensitive area of our bodies and its necessary to do a test 24 hours before you cover your face in your chosen removal product. 

If you dab a little bit of the product, you intend to use behind your ear as this is a sensitive part of your face and if this gets irritated, then no one can see it. Just make sure to use a tiny amount in case you are allergic to it. 

If you find within 24 hours, there is any itching, redness or sores than I would avoid using this product anywhere near your face. 

  1. Soak A Cotton Ball In Your Removal Product

You may be tempted to use a more abrasive scrub to try and remove the dye from your skin, but this really isn’t a good idea as the skin on your face is very sensitive and need to be treated with care. 

Using softer, more gentle products to put your removal product on is more effective, it will help remove the products without causing any irritation. I prefer to use cotton wool pads or balls to put any solution on my face. 

Soak your cotton wool ball in your chosen dye removal product and simply apply the product directly onto the stained skin. 

  1. Apply The Removal Product Onto The Beard Dye Stain

Apply the product evenly over your stain on your skin, and let it soak for around 5 – 10 minutes. The amount of time you choose to leave it all depends on how severe the stain is and the area you need to cover. This needs to be down to your judgement on how long it’s needed. 

  1. Rinse it Off With Warm Water

Once you have left the solution to soak, rinse off the product with warm water. It’s essential not to use cold water. The warm water opens up the pores on your skin, helping to remove dye a lot quicker. 


How To Dye Your Beard Without Staining Your Skin

As beard dye staining your face and hands is a common problem. It’s the most straightforward and most practical solution to prevent the stain from happening by following our tips. 

  • Latex gloves – Use gloves to apply the beard dye to prevent it from going onto your hands and staining them. 
  • Create a Barrier – A barrier you can apply to your face where you dont want the dye to stain your skin is a great option. Vaseline would be a significant barrier to use. 
  • Cotton Balls – Have you cotton wool at the ready if you do happen to get any beard dye on your skin then try to remove it instantly as this helps to remove the dye much more efficiently if it’s removed right away. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Remove Beard Dye From My Clothes?

Not only does beard dye stain skin, but it also stains clothes easily, which is easy to remove if you know-how. Any type of stain remover for clothes will work wonders as long as you soak the stain as soon as you notice it. 

The quicker you remove the stain, the easier it is to remove from clothing. Use your chosen stain remover product and scrub the stained area. Leave to soak in cold water for around 2-3 hours and watch the stain lift. 

Are All Beard Dyes Just As Hard To Remove?

It is recommended that beginners use semi-permanent beard dyes rather than permanent beard dye as the semi is much easier to remove from the skin than a permanent dye. So although semi dyes don’t last as long as permanent dyes, they are much easier to remove from skin. 

How long does beard dye last on skin?

How long does beard dye last? Generally, when you color your beard, it will last for about two to three weeks. However, the beard coloring formula is relatively affordable.

How do I get hair dye off my sink?

If you have managed to dye your beard and stained your sink, it should be easy to remove with some nail polish remover. Just scrub your sink with a cloth soaked in your nail polish remover, and this should remove the stains quickly. 

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Although beard dye is easy to use, it also easily stains your skin. Hopefully, our guide has given you some options to remove the stains on your skin from your beard dye. 

If you have tried one removal products and haven’t got the results you were looking for. You may want to try more than one of our recommended removal products.

A combination of products will achieve a much better result than just sticking to one. 

What did you think of our how to remove beard dye from skin guide? If there are any questions, you would like to ask, please feel free to contact us. We love to hear from our readers. 

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